T-Mobile Czechia introduces new Wi-Fi device for Smart Car

Mobile operator T-Mobile Czech Republic has introduced a new Wi-Fi device for users of its Smart Car service.
The new generation device from ZTE is equipped with a more powerful chipset, enabling broadband speeds of up to 50 Mbps.


Based on the voting of an expert jury composed of fleet managers, the Smart Car Wi-Fi service from T-Mobile was named the winner of the Technology and Innovations category of this year’s edition of FLEET DERBY-FLEET OF THE YEAR. The previous version of the product (which did not allow creation of an in-car Wi-Fi network) won the same award in last year’s edition of the survey.

More information about Wi-Fi device for Smart Car can be found in this press release.

FLEET DERBY- FLEET OF THE YEAR is a specialist survey intended for fleet managers, business directors, company owners responsible for fleet management and modernisation. It is organised by the magazines Business Car and Flotila (“Fleet”). The purpose of this unbiased survey is to choose the best fleet cars, products and services, with the main focus being placed on the survey’s transparency.

The Smart Car solution consists of a small device containing a SIM card that is easily plugged into an OBD port, which is installed in all cars manufactured since 2001, and the Smart Car application. The device is connected with the application via a mobile network and then sends data acquired from the car, such as information about driver behaviour, location, movement, malfunctions and battery level, to the application. The locations of up to three cars can be tracked on a map.

The operator launched Smart Car at the beginning of December 2016. Since then, its users have taken four million trips, with the longest being 973 kilometres. The application sent 325 messages on car breakdowns and 33 messages on towing, and customers sent 650 text messages by pressing the SOS button.

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T-Mobile was the first operator in Europe to have introduced the Smart Car product and has been developing this technology for the entire Deutsche Telekom Group. The parent company’s management has therefore decided to establish the DT Connected Car Hub at T-Mobile Czech Republic for the entire group (not only the European part but also for the United States). This means, among other things, that the Czech operator will be at the inception of all innovations developed in this area within DT.

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