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Summit Wireless Debuts Affordable IoT Module for Wireless Surround Sound

Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of immersive wireless sound technology launched a new internet of things (IoT) transceiver module designed for low-cost wireless audio transmission from TVs and soundbars to surrounds and subwoofer speakers for an immersive sound experience.

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The new module named “Discovery” is powered by Summit Wireless advanced Wi-Fi compliant software designed for fixed low latency wireless audio transmission. The transceiver module will keep up to four independent wireless audio channels perfectly synchronized in a room size up to 10 meters square. Discovery is ideally suited for entry level home entertainment systems, including soundbars, TVs, subwoofers and Dolby Atmos® applications. The Discovery module introduces a new wireless speaker pairing process option called “ConexUsTM,” which uses a simple button push to pair speakers and assign their correct audio channel. The pairing process typically takes less than 60 seconds once the speakers are powered and placed in the desired home theater configuration. The ConexUs pairing process greatly simplifies the consumers’ out of box experience by eliminating the need for router access, network passwords, special user interfaces or mobile applications.

“In today’s world consumers are investing in their sanctuaries, and home entertainment has become a priority. To date, however, the cost and complexity of setup for surrounds and subwoofer speakers prevented mass market adoption beyond a basic soundbar,” said Tony Parker, VP of Business Development & Strategy at Summit Wireless Technologies. “The new Discovery module significantly lowers the integration cost hurdle for adding wireless speakers to soundbars and TVs that consumers are demanding. ConexUs gives them the confidence to set up the system themselves without the added expense of hiring a custom installer.”

CEO of EDOM Technology Hoffei Hou said, “As a semiconductor agent and distributor, we have our fingers on the pulse of latest trends, and we are seeing a growing demand for cost effective, wireless home entertainment solutions. As the primary distributor for Summit Wireless’ Discovery module in ASIA we are excited to bring the new module to our customer base and feel it will fill a critical market need for robust wireless connectivity.”

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