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Ryanair Vs online travel agencies

Ryanair has launched a new Price Checker tool, which the low-cost carrier says will help protect customers against unscrupulous online travel agencies. At the same time, the airline has revealed a new Verified Seal to prevent overcharging. ryanair flights

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The Price Checker will allow customers who booked through an online travel agent to check the amount paid to Ryanair for their booking against the amount charged by the online travel agent.

It is hoped customers will be able to clearly see where online travel agents that do not have authorization to sell flights have added a markup.


Ryanair added the Verified Seal would guarantee customers are booking directly on Ryanair website.

Passengers should always check the website they are booking on to see if it displays the Verified Seal, and if it does not, they should be aware that they are booking through an unauthorised seller of flights.

Ryanair director of marketing, Dara Brady, said: “We are pleased to launch our new Price Checker and Verified Seal on the Ryanair website and app.

These two new features will help customers avoid the pitfalls of booking with online travel agents, who may overcharge, provide incorrect customers information and prevent Ryanair from dealing directly with the passenger.

“Ryanair has no commercial agreements with online travel agencies to sell Ryanair flights.

“We advise our customers to always book directly through the Ryanair website and Ryanair app where they will have access to the lowest fares and direct customer care.”

Reasons to Book Directly with Ryanair ryanair flights

1. It may happen that your payment information given to the OTA is not passed to Ryanair but instead will be swapped with a virtual credit card

This means that if you are due a refund for your booking, Ryanair will not be able to pay you directly as Ryanair don’t know your credit card details.

2. You may be charged with a markup for your flights 

OTAs may add additional charges to your booking. You pay less when you book directly on or through Ryanair’s app.

3. You may be charged with a markup for bags and seats

You will pay the lowest price for flight extras like bags and seats by booking directly on or through company app.

4. Your contact details may be changed or witheld

If a refund is requested, Ryanair will refund the details linked to the flight booking. However, if Ryanair don’t have your credit card details, they cannot refund you directly. You will need to go through a verification process so that Ryanair can properly identify you to ensure you receive any refunds due to you.

Ryanair Launches 500 Routes For Summer 2022 To A Host Of Popular Destinations

Ryanair announced the early release of its Summer 2022 schedule, which includes over 10,000 flights per week across 500 routes to its most popular destinations, with further routes to be announced in the coming months. All routes can be booked as far out as October 2022.

Ryanair looks forward to offering consumers an extensive Summer 2022 programme comprising of beach holidays, city breaks, adventurous landscapes and all of the cultural experiences customers have been eagerly awaiting. Popular summer destinations such as Barcelona, Ibiza, Lanzarote, Lisbon, Malta, the Greek islands and Naples are all on the list for Summer 2022. In addition, excited city breakers can plan their trip to the likes of Berlin, Krakow, Venice, Rome and Seville plus many more.

To celebrate the release of its Summer 2022 schedule, Ryanair has launched a seat sale with fares available from just €29.99 for travel until the end of October 2022, but these sale prices must be booked by midnight Thursday, 29th April, only on the website.

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