Poland to introduce driver’s licence on smartphones

Poland plans to introduce new electronic services to its citizens this year.
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The services will include a electronic driver’s licence on smartphones, reports the web portal of the Ministry of Digitalisation citing Minister Marek Zagorski.
In 2020 we will introduce new e-services addressed to drivers. We work, among others on the driver’s licence on smartphones, which we will not have to take with us, because we will have it on the phone – announces the Minister of Digitization Marek Zagórski.

Drivers are one of the groups that most often use our digital services. The absolute record holder is an e-service that allows you to check your vehicle history. In 2019, Poles used it … 129 859 339 times! Record months? May – 16 621 204 checks, April – 14 576 111 checks, December – 12 120 444 checks.

More information about this e-service can be found at www.historiapojazd.gov.pl

Another “beloved” e-service of drivers is the ability to check the number of penalty points online. During the 12 months of 2019, Poles used it exactly 535,314 times. We checked the number of points on our account most often in February (69 516), March (54 004) and May (49 124).

Check your penalty points here


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