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Phishing attacks increase 718% in Europe according to Allot

Allot Ltd., a leading global provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions for service providers and enterprises worldwide, announced the release of its 2020 Europe Cyber Threat Report.

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The 2020 trends presented in this report include:

  • Phishing attacks against consumers increased an average of 718% compared with 2019.
  • Phishing comprised 51% of all cyberthreats against consumers.
  • Allot blocked more than 2 billion cyber threats against protected consumers.

The Allot Cyber Threat Report is released quarterly and covers threats that are detected and blocked by Allot Secure for European CSPs. In this report, Allot tracked a number of trends affecting consumers, including phishing, adware, malicious downloads and more. The report notes a sharp increase in Covid-19-related threats. In January 2020, phishing attacks accounted for only 5% of all threats blocked by Allot Secure Solutions in Europe.

By April, at the peak of the first wave of Covid-19, phishing attacks rose to 56% of all blocked attacks. This reflects how cyber criminals took advantage of their victims’ sensitivity to Covid-19 themed threats as the impact of the pandemic increased.

This data was reported by European CSPs whose consumer customers are protected by Allot Secure. Allot Secure is a family of network-based cybersecurity solutions that provide the tools for CSPs to offer their consumer and SMB customers zero-touch, clientless protection from attacks including malware, viruses phishing, ransomware plus parental and content control services. Allot Secure services provide a unified experience for consumers on any device no matter how they connect to their data – on the mobile network, through their home router and as guests on Wi-Fi networks.

As a company that develops and integrates cybersecurity services for communication service providers, Allot is out in the field, helping our customers protect their customers from the effects of cyber crime on any device, wherever they are,” said Dr. Yael Villa, Senior Vice President Cybersecurity Division at Allot. “Although we measured a significant jump in consumer-facing phishing attacks in 2020, our research shows that Allot solutions also blocked over a billion other threats including malware, spyware and host of other types of attacks.”


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