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Omantel launches unlimited data post-paid package

Oman operator Omantel has announced the launch of a new postpaid package, Baqati Al-Ufuq, to mark national day celebrations. Omantel unlimited
The package provides unlimited internet access, calls and SMS in Oman, in addition to 5GB of international roaming data and 300 minutes to receive calls while roaming along with a 40 percent discount on international calls, for OMR 99 per month.

At ‘Al Mar’a Excellence Awards 2018’ held early this month, the company gave ‘A Special Award’ to Jokha Al-Farsi, President of Ihsaan Association.

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‘Ihsaan’ is a Muscat based association that looks after the welfare of elderly people in various Wilayats, including those residing in mountain top villages and others who are admitted at hospitals. The award is a recognition of Al-Farsi’s valuable cooperation in ‘Omantel Wal Awael’, a training and entertainment programme that aims to familiarise the elderly with the latest means of communication, information programmes and train them on how to use smart devices in their daily lives, as well as her efforts in visiting the elderly in different Wilayats to ensure their well-being and guide their children on how to take a good care of them.

Aneth Arosemena, Senior Adviser at Omantel, was handed ‘A Special Award’ by Al Mar’a Magazine. With over 25 years of experience in managing Mobile and Fixed services’ commercial strategies and operational implementations with operators in Latin America and the Middle East, Arosemena is a strong influencer and a strategic thinker with heavy emphasis on inclusion, teaching, and creating working environments focused on development and delivering innovative services. Omantel welcomes on board the most qualified experts to deliver the best services to its customers, in addition to availing their long experience by transferring knowledge and experience to the rest of the employees.

 “Women in Oman have huge potentials that can further push the development in the country forward. At Omantel, we embrace these potentials and help women and men to work hand in hand to make significant achievements. We are also proud that women in Omantel hold positions of various levels in engineering, technical and administrative fields, and they have been involved in settings company’s strategies and making crucial decisions that had taken Omantel to where it stands today.” Commented Arosemena. 

She further said, Omantel has 58 female employees in leadership positions including general managers, senior managers, managers and team leaders.

Since its establishment, Omantel has always been keen on supporting women and creating female leaderships that can lead the future with efficiency and innovation.

As part of the event, Bushra Salman Al Balushi, Senior Manager of Planning and Economics Department at Omantel delivered a speech on ‘Power of Dedication’, highlighting her journey toward excellence and the achievements she made while in Omantel. Al-Balushi further praised Omantel’s support for women and said that she has been ‘surrounded by supportive colleagues and a management that believes in women and trust their capabilities’.  Omantel unlimited

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