Nokia Adds New 5G Devices To Its FWA Portfolio

Nokia announced a new 5G Fixed Wireless Access outdoor receiver and a new indoor gateway with Wi-Fi 7 based on the latest available technology. The FWA devices enable operators to conserve radio capacity and improve coverage of their FWA service. Nokia 5G Devices FWA

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a method of providing internet access to homes or businesses through wireless networks, typically using radio signals. Instead of relying on traditional wired connections like fiber or cable, FWA uses wireless technologies, such as 4G LTE or 5G networks, to deliver high-speed broadband connectivity. This method is particularly useful in areas where laying physical cables is challenging or not cost-effective, like rural or remote regions.

Nokia’s FastMile 5G Receiver Optimizes Weak Signal Locations Nokia 5G Devices FWA

Nokia studies indicate that operators can save as much as 60% of potentially wasted network capacity simply by placing the right device in the right location of the customer premises. This means using outdoor receivers where signals are weaker and indoor gateways where signals are strong. Proper placement of these devices in or on the home, with the aid of intelligent smartphone applications alone, can help operators recover 30% of network capacity.

Nokia’s FastMile 5G receiver is ideal for locations that require optimum use of the weak signals that are available. It features high-gain antennas (up to 10 dBi) in a compact, outdoor design that can be self-installed by the consumer in a window, wall or pole. With 4 carrier aggregation of up to 300MHz of bandwidth, the 5G receiver makes the most of the signals that are available and going to it. The solution includes a simple, user-friendly mobile app that helps customers identify the optimal location to install the receiver.

Powering High-Speed Connectivity with Advanced Antennas & Corteca Software

Nokia’s FastMile 5G Gateway 7 utilizes high-gain antennas with up to 8 dBi of gain, carrier aggregation, and 200MHz of spectrum support to enable high-speed broadband access over the 5G network. The Gateway utilizes dual-band WiFi 7 to extend 5G speeds throughout the home. The FastMile 5G Gateway 7 is powered by Nokia’s Corteca software, which supports value-added applications embedded in the device, cloud-based Wi-Fi optimization, and Wi-Fi device management based on open industry standards and EasyMesh.

Dirk Verhaegen, VP Broadband Devices at Nokia, said: “Capacity is king with Fixed Wireless Access services. Only by managing this capacity can operators connect more fixed subscribers while maintaining a high-quality of experience for both mobile and fixed users. Our new outdoor Receiver and Wi-Fi 7 Gateway are unique in the industry bringing high gain technology together with ease-of-use features that deliver the best broadband experience while conserving radio resources.

Jaimie Lenderman, Research Manager and Principal Analyst at Omdia said: “As the FWA market continues to evolve and grow, operators increasingly need technology options that can maximize the capacity of their network, are easy to install and are capable of delivering the ultimate user experience. Solutions like Nokia’s new FWA 5G indoor and outdoor devices check a lot of these boxes for those operators looking to deploy FWA services.”

The new Nokia 5G FWA receiver and gateway will be available by early 2024. Both join Nokia’s comprehensive portfolio of customer premises equipment, which includes 4G and 5G gateways for outdoor and indoor use.

Nokia 5G FWA receiver details

  • High-gain Gain Antenna up to 10dBi
  • Bandwidth aggregation up to 300MHz
  • 2.5GE LAN port, TR-069 & TR-369 support

Nokia 5G FWA gateway details

  • High-gain Gain Antenna up to 8dBi
  • Bandwidth aggregation up to 200MHz
  • TR-069 & TR-369 support




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