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A new survey finds a correlation between travel and happiness

The iconic American travelware brand Briggs & Riley unveiled its results from a new consumer study on emerging travel trends for 2023. The survey, commissioned by Briggs & Riley and conducted by 1Q, uncovers where Americans are planning to visit next year, the top motivating factors when vacation planning, and what travelware products they’re seeking to get them there. advantages of travelling

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Of those surveyed, 72% find happiness in traveling and 68% find excitement. Briggs & Riley is built upon a foundation of dedication to the art of travel, which fosters a spirit of discovery and encourages travelers to experience the joys of global travel. With a rich legacy of continuous innovation and exacting performance, Briggs & Riley promises to deliver an experience made to last for life.

“As we approach our 30th anniversary, I reflect on how Briggs & Riley has continuously elevated industry standards with styles that offer a timeless, classic sophistication while honoring legacy…” said Briggs & Riley CEO Richard Krulik. “We believe that a life well-lived is a life well-traveled and as the needs of travelers continue to evolve so does our brand. We are steadfast in our commitment to making the very best products that feature intuitive functionality, convenient features and innovation to ensure effortless travel experiences.”

According to the study, the top 5 considerations travelers take when planning a vacation include: advantages of travelling

  • Cost – 83%
  • Available amenities – 63%
  • Local culture and sights – 59%
  • Excursions/activities – 59%
  • Direct flights – 58%

In looking at the types of destinations that Americans are planning to visit, 61% said they prefer to travel domestically and 68% opted for beach locations over urban cities. Longer trips are on the rise, with 40% of travelers looking to take longer trips averaging between seven and 14 days.

To get to their destination, 73% responded that they prefer to pack in a carry-on versus checked luggage and 72% prefer spinner luggage with four wheels versus two wheels. The study also found that 79% of respondents pack more items than are needed for their trips. With Briggs & Riley’s reimagined iconic Baseline Collection, travelers can fit more in four-wheeled spinner carry-ons by way of the brand’s innovative and patented one-touch CX™ expansion.

The only one of its kind worldwide, with the simple press of a button nearly all wheeled bags in the collection, can expand to increase packing capacity, and can then be easily compressed down to their original size. The brand’s patented Outsider® handle provides a flat packing surface for additional space, and proprietary shock-absorbing wheels offer 360° maneuverability and smooth, quiet gliding. Briggs & Riley offers elegant personalization, which is favored by 52% of those surveyed, with iconic leather detailing across a wide variety of their collections.

Trips combining business and leisure continue to climb as 36% of those asked to plan to take a working vacation in 2023. With “work from anywhere” policies becoming more normalized across many industries, travel plans are shifting with newfound flexibility. With Briggs & Riley’s convertible backpack duffle, garment duffle, and sleek weekender duffles, travelers can easily transition from work to play.

About Briggs & Riley advantages of travelling

Owned by United States Luggage, LLC, Briggs & Riley is dedicated to delivering remarkable travelware with extraordinary performance and enduring quality. Through each collection launched, the trusted brand enables travelers to be in control of their journey with high functionality paired with the promise of an experience made to last for life. From inception, the brand and its parent company have shaped the travel industry by introducing innovations such as the first ever wheeled luggage, and over time have evolved through continuous innovation, exceptional performance, and timeless, considered design. The brand is the only luggage company to offer an unconditional lifetime guarantee, which repairs products free of charge with no proof of purchase needed and no questions asked. This is a reflection of the brand’s purposeful focus on reducing the number of bags that end up in landfills.


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