Linktel partners with BT to offer Wi-Fi in South Africa through Vast Networks

Linktel has signed a contract with British Telecom to expand its international presence in 25,000 hotspots in South Africa through Vast Networks. Hotspots are access points for connecting to the internet via Wi-Fi. Linktel wi-fi hotspots

Linktel already has agreements with other international companies for this type of service, including Boingo, AT&T, Ipass, Trustive, Wigo (Peru).

With these partnerships, it extends its presence to several other countries. Brazilian operator work covers 1 million hotspots in 120 countries, with around 9 thousand points in Brazil, they report. Linktel plans to reach 10,000 hotspots in the country by the end of the year. The operator states that in 2017 registered a 40% increase in the number of accesses and 20% in users, compared to the previous year.


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There were over 85 million hits and 13 million unique users.


Users can choose between a free or paid plan, depending on their needs. Linktel aims to provide reliable and secure Wi-Fi connections, and they also offer customer support to help users troubleshoot any issues.

Linktel Wi-Fi hotspots

Linktel has a mobile app called “Linktel Wi-Fi” that is available for both iOS and Android devices. The app allows users to find Linktel Wi-Fi hotspots near their current location, view hotspot details and available plans, and connect to the hotspots with their login credentials. The app also allows users to manage their accounts, view their usage history, and purchase additional data plans if needed. Overall, the Linktel Wi-Fi app provides a convenient way for users to find and connect to Linktel hotspots, and manage their Wi-Fi usage while on the go.


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