WiFi4EU Croatia

Labin, Gračac and Brtonigla in Croatia to get free Wi-Fi thanks to WiFi4EU initiative

By providing access to quality internet in urban and rural areas, Hrvatski Telekom is actively working on the digitalization of Croatia through investments in the development of optical infrastructure and the implementation of WiFi access points. WiFi4EU Croatia initiative is geting bigger!

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The city of Labin and the municipalities of Gračac and Brtonigla – Verteneglio are part of the cities and municipalities which, as part of the WiFi4EU initiative, with the aim of introducing free Wi-Fi for citizens and visitors to public locations, were awarded a voucher in the amount of 15,000 euros. Thanks to many years of successful cooperation with Hrvatski Telekom, the City of Labin and the municipalities of Gračac and Brtonigla – Verteneglio have chosen HT as a reliable technological partner and the best contractor that will technologically provide public free WiFi internet for their citizens.

In addition to replacing the existing network with a new, faster and better network, equipment was installed in six new locations in the City of Labin – Tito Square, San Marco promenade, city market, Zelenice street in the city center, Kature playground and on the waterfront in Rabac – thus expanding free city internet coverage network. This project has provided high-quality free internet to the citizens of Labin, as well as their guests, and it raises the standard in Labin, since today’s way of life is closely linked to technology and communication.

“WiFi4EU is one of the many projects we are implementing in Labin. With this project, we continue to improve the infrastructure of our city as befits the time in which we are. In the current situation, such projects are extremely important because they enable citizens to continue doing their job, to maintain ties with family and friends and to facilitate their adaptation to the new changes, “said the Mayor of Labin Valter Glavičić .

In the municipality of Gračac, Hrvatski Telekom has installed a total of 13 access points, at five external and eight internal locations. This enables free WiFi internet access at locations such as the administrative building of the municipality of Gračac, KIC “Napredak” Gračac, library and reading room Gračac and in Nikola Tesla Street and Školska Street as well as the Park of St. George. Thanks to the WiFi4EU program, locals and visitors will have high-speed Internet access in major centers of public life such as squares, parks, libraries, public buildings and the like.

A place in continental Istria, the municipality of Brtonigla – Verteneglio, also expressed confidence in Hrvatski Telekom, choosing it as a partner in the implementation of a project that provides free internet access in public spaces. Free WiFi signal covers all squares in the village Brtonigla, the area in front of the Tourist Board, the Main Street, the park near the church of Sv. Zeno, the area in front of the Aleksandar Rukavina Gallery and the football field and stands in the sports zone of the settlement. In the settlement of Nova Vas, the main square of the settlement and the surrounding areas are covered with free Wi-Fi signal, while in the settlement of Fiorini two access points have been set up in order to cover almost the entire settlement with free internet.

“I am extremely satisfied with the way this project was realized and with the support of Hrvatski Telekom. Our region, among other activities, is also tourist-oriented throughout the year because, in addition to seasonal summer tourism, cyclo tourism is very popular here in other months and we are open to all forms of further cooperation, especially when it comes to digitalization and modernization. “, Said Paolo Klarić , Mayor of Brtonigla – Verteneglio. WiFi4EU Croatia

Hrvatski Telekom is the largest private investor in digital infrastructure in Croatia, which has been continuously investing in the quality and development of mobile and fixed network infrastructure for years. The choice of Hrvatski Telekom by municipalities and cities in these projects is proof that the company is recognized as a reliable technological partner that can provide their citizens with the best experience of using the public and free internet. As a leader in digitalization in Croatia, Hrvatski Telekom remains focused on further investments and providing access to quality internet to as many citizens as possible, so that everyone in Croatia is connected to the leading network.  WiFi4EU Croatia

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