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Italy’s Noitel extends 150GB offer, hikes roaming data

For new customers of the virtual operator Noitel, the Super Jump 150 offer at 7.99 euros per month is still available even with the arrival of January 2023.  Starting 01 January 2023, EU roaming data available via the plan has increased from 6.55GB to 7.28GB a month. noitel roaming

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New Data Thresholds for Roaming in the European Union

For its  Super Jump 150 and Next Step 30 mobile network offers, also including the respective versions with advance payment for 3 months, for some days the virtual operator Noitel has been indicating the new Giga thresholds for EU Roaming, this time valid throughout 2023.

In general, in Roaming within the European Union (and at the moment also in the United Kingdom), Noitel customers can use the minutes and SMS under the same national conditions.

As far as data traffic is concerned, in this case, there is a maximum limit to the number of gigabytes that can be consumed each month.

In general, due to the gradual reduction of wholesale roaming prices, operators are required to adjust this threshold every year,  thus increasing the maximum data traffic limit that can be used in the European Union.

During 2022,  due to the change in regulation, the offers for operators were also adjusted for the second half of the year. Starting from 1 January 2023, the values ​​for data traffic in EU roaming have instead returned to being updated only at the beginning of each year.

In this regard, precisely on 1 January 2023, the tariff transparency documents of the Noitel portfolio were precisely updated with the new data traffic thresholds.

In this way, as required by the new formula, 7.28 Giga per month is now indicated for Super Jump 150 and its X3 version  (instead of the previous 6.55 Giga per month). noitel roaming

Instead, for Next Step 30 and its X3 version, both of which can be activated until 15 January 2023, barring any changes, data traffic in EU Roaming has increased to 4.54 Giga per month (instead of the previous 4.09 Giga per month).

Please note that in addition to these offers, the Noitel tariff portfolio still includes MoreVoice Plus, available until 15 January 2023 (subject to changes), and Step X12 Special Edition, which can be activated until 30 January 2023 (subject to changes).

With MoreVoice Plus, only minutes and SMS are provided, without any data traffic bundle, while with  Step X12 Special Edition, in EU Roaming, the entire monthly bundle of 2 Giga is made available, also available on national territory.

With the previous extension of the Noitel portfolio, the Super Jump 150 offer had been made available until 31 December 2022, thus remaining available for an additional month.

In the tariff transparency document on the operator’s official website, this expiry date has remained unchanged even with the arrival of 2023.

However, it should be noted that, as already mentioned, the offer is still available for new online activations, always with the same previous bundles and prices.

What Noitel Super Jump 150 includes noitel roaming

Super Jump 150 provides unlimited minutes to national landline and mobile numbers every month, 50 SMS to all national numbers and 150 Giga of mobile internet traffic, all at a cost of 7.99 euros per month.

In standard conditions, for the purchase of the new Noitel SIM, with this offer, you pay a price of 10 euros. In any case, by subscribing to the offer directly online via the operator’s official website, it is still now possible to take advantage of the promo with zero cost.

The activation cost, normally equal to 5 euros, was previously free in the promotion in the tariff transparency document. Now, however, although the expiry date has not yet been updated in the document, the reference to the price of 0 euros in the promotion is no longer present.

As is also indicated on the cart page on the operator’s official website, the initial cost to activate this offer should therefore be equal to 12.99 euros.

In any case, on the web page of the offer, in particular in the “description” section, a free activation cost is still indicated.

Super Jump 150 Giga X3 noitel roaming

As an alternative to Super Jump 150 Giga, the version with a one-off payment valid for the first 3 months, called Super Jump 150 Giga X3, is still available. In this case, as before, the expiry date is January 15, 2023, subject to any changes.

With this version, the monthly bundle is the same as the standard offer, while the cost to be incurred is 19.99 euros for the first 3 months (instead of 28.97 euros). Starting from the fourth month, the renewal will take place every 30 days at the recurring cost of 7.99 euros.

As indicated in the prospectus, with Super Jump 150 Giga X3 the activation cost is still free in the promotion.




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