Huawei Chairman: Huawei does not need the US market to succeed

Huawei chairman says that the United States did not represent the whole world and called for equipment makers, network operators and governments to work together to devise trustworthy standards to manage cyber security risks

President Trump is right that the U.S. risks being left behind on 5G, Huawei’s rotating chairman said on Sunday in Barcelona.

Guao said at a roundtable with the media that he is aware of the president’s tweets about 5G, noting that the US should adopt the next generation network “as fast as possible” and should not “block out” more advanced technologies.

“I have noticed the president’s Twitter, he said that the US needs faster and smarter 5G, or even 6G in the future, and he has realised that the US is lagging behind in this respect, and I think his message is clear and correct,” Guo said.

He added that the ban will damage small US telecommunications companies that rely on Huawei equipment because Huawei is usually cheaper than its competitors.

Guo Ping also said that in implementing 5G technology, the company is ahead of its competitors for 12 months. At the same time, he further added that the 5G standard should be formulated by technical experts rather than politicians.

China’s Xiaomi, the world’s fourth-largest smartphone maker, also unveiled a 5G handset on Sunday, but without the folding screen or high price tags touted by the Huawei and Samsung devices. Xiaomi’s offering will start at 599 euros ($679) when it hits the market in May.
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