Google removed Schedule Explorer option from Google Maps

Google has been very quick to introduce new features to Google Maps on all its platforms. These seek to make the service even better and give the user the essential tools to make it better. On the opposite side, Google also removes the functions it understands and in the way it perceives. This has just happened with one more option, which will simply have disappeared from Google Maps, but with an important reason. It just wasn’t used. Google Maps Schedule Explorer 

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Say goodbye to the Google Maps Schedule Explorer. The feature previously allowed Google Maps users to check the schedules of upcoming metro transits. Now, though, Google appears to have quietly removed the feature to the dismay of all who relied on it.


Even if you use Google Maps on a daily basis, there’s a chance you’ve never even heard of the Google Maps Schedule Explorer. That’s not your fault, though, there are a lot of useful features in Google Maps you might not know about. And, Google actually kept the feature pretty well hidden under the transits portion of its app. As such, if you don’t rely on the metro every day, you probably didn’t even know the feature existed.

For those who do rely on metro transits every day, the loss of the Schedule Explorer is a tough one. The feature allowed users to check incoming metro stops, as well as see how the train’s arrival and departure times would affect their overall travel time. It was an exceptionally useful feature for those who needed it. However, Google says that not enough people were using it.

While the company quietly removed Google Maps Schedule Explorer from the app, a Platinum Product Expert confirmed the removal on Google’s forums last week. Platinum Product Expert Keith.A claims to have been in contact with Google and says the feature was removed due to very limited usage. While Google hasn’t confirmed or denied the removal, the post was recommended by a Google forums Community Manager.

This is not the first time that schedule explorer has been removed from Google Maps. Already at the beginning of the year this option will have disappeared from this service, but later Google brought it back to users. Now, as far as we know, it shouldn’t come back.

Once again the search giant kills part of its services silently and without any warning to users. It simply removes and leaves everyone who has used them without any alternative. In this case the same thing happens and attempts to bring back the schedule explorer failed. Google Maps Schedule Explorer 


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