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Korea wi-fi bus

Free Wi-Fi coming to 25,000 Korean city buses nationwide

In an effort to improve information accessibility and reduce telecommunication costs, the ministry will provide 100 gigabytes of data per bus every month for public use. Buses with Wi-Fi services will have a ministry-issued sticker attached for easy recognition. More about Korea wi-fi bus news below. Korea wi-fi bus

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Public Wi-Fi services are available at some 13,000 designated areas across the nation, such as community centres and traditional markets. However, the need to expand the service to public transportation was apparent for network users on the move, the ministry explained. The initial plan is to roll out 4,200 city buses with Wi-Fi services this month, and equip another 19,800 buses by the second half of this year.

While the ministry will monitor the quality and security of the public Wi-Fi services, it is still not advisable to do financial transactions or release personal information while using it, the ministry cautioned. korea wi-fi bus

South Korea has been actively promoting and expanding its public Wi-Fi infrastructure – update

As of 2021, many intercity and express buses in South Korea are equipped with free Wi-Fi for passengers. Some local buses and city buses in larger cities like Seoul and Busan also offer Wi-Fi services, although this can vary depending on the specific bus route and operator.

In addition to Wi-Fi on buses, South Korea has also implemented various other initiatives to promote public Wi-Fi, such as the “Free Public Wi-Fi Zones” program, which aims to establish free Wi-Fi hotspots in various public areas such as parks, tourist sites, and public transportation stations.

Overall, South Korea has made significant efforts to expand its public Wi-Fi infrastructure, and this includes offering Wi-Fi on buses to make it more convenient for passengers to stay connected while traveling.



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