Hrvatski Telekom’s New eSimpa Offer Gives 100 Percent Control Over Consumption In Surfing The Internet

For all those who consume internet traffic from the option, salvation is here - a 2GB SOS option for only 1 kuna

Hrvatski Telekom presented an innovative digital offer for residential users that enables faster and easier surfing on the 5G network with 100% consumption control. This is a new eSimpa offer for prepaid users. It gives users more gigabytes, minutes, and messages without worrying about the call set-up fee or what happens when they spend all the GBs from the option.

As part of the new offer, it is possible to activate the eSimpa S option for HRK 99, which includes 7 + 1 GB of the internet and 2,000 minutes, and SMS messages, then eSimpa M for HRK 119 with 10 + 5 GBs of Internet, 2,000 minutes, and SMS messages, as well as eSimpa L for HRK 139 in which the user receives 15 + 10 GBs of internet and 2,000 minutes, and SMS messages. All those who ask for more, can for only HRK 19 activate the 5G option, which provides without restrictions the fastest 5G surfing experience with eSimpa options.

If the user consumes all internet traffic from the option, further consumption is stopped to protect the user’s account balance and enable them to activate the SOS option for HRK 1, which gives them 2GBs over the next 24 hours.  This allows the user to activate the new eSimpa option in the Moj Telekom app instead of charging at the basic rate and to continue surfing without any worries. The eSimpa options do not charge a call set-up fee, so 2,000 minutes and SMS messages from the options can be used without additional fees. An additional benefit is that users can transfer all unused units to the next month. eSimpa users still can transfer units from the option to other Simpa users.

The new eSimpa options can only be activated in the Moj Telekom app, and the fastest will benefit from up to 120 additional GBs over 12 months.

Through a unique digital experience, HT continues to provide all its customers with the opportunities they need to build a world of better opportunities. New users also get a 6 GB welcome.


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