Elisa Estonia offers eSIMs on Apple smartwatches

The service long awaited by customers has finally arrived at Elisa Estonia. Starting today, Elisa can use the eSIM capability with Apple watches on the network and link their mobile number to the watch. Elisa Estonia eSIMs Apple smartwatches

For many years, Apple smartphones have been able to use eSIM, or electronic SIM cards, which replace physical cards and are loaded virtually into the phone. The Elisa online service was also extended to Apple Watch smartwatches.

Since the launch of Apple watches, our customers have been eagerly waiting for the day when they can connect an Apple smartwatch to the Elisa network. We are happy to announce that as of today, Elisa is one of the few operators in the Baltics whose customers can link their Apple 4G-enabled smartwatch to the main number on their smartphone, bringing many of the phone’s advantages directly to the wrist,” said Evelin Tulp, manager of Elisa’s telecom services.

An electronic SIM card or eSIM is a virtual SIM card that is loaded into your device to use mobile services. The virtual eSIM replaces a separate physical SIM card and allows the user to enjoy data services even in smart watches where the physical card cannot fit. To use the new service, Apple Watch users with network support need to download the new 9.4 watchOS software update and activate the MultiSIM service on their smartwatch.

Peculiarities Elisa Estonia eSIMs Apple smartwatches

  1. The Elisa smart package must be in use on the smartphone, the main number.
  2. MultiSIM does not work with the Double Number service.
  3. Mobile ID only works with a physical SIM card.
  4. The service does not work abroad, i.e. the eSIM in the smartwatch does not work in a foreign network.
  5. Elisa eSIM will work in Apple smartwatches from 28.03.2023
  6. Ordering or exchanging a new SIM card is billed according to the valid price list. Changing the SIM card costs €10.
  7. One MultiSIM service can be added to one main number.
  8. If the main number has the call service activated, the call will not work on the device with MultiSIM.

Price list

  1. MultiSIM costs €2.99 per month, plus a one-time subscription fee of €3.50.
  2. The service consumed from both SIM cards (calls, messages, internet volume, etc.) is included in one package volume.

“With the MultiSIM service, the user can link the SIM cards of his smartphone and smartwatch. This means that, for example, when exercising outside or leaving the phone at home, it is possible to perform all important actions directly from the wrist. With a virtual eSIM, you can, for example, make calls, receive calls, send messages, use the Internet and listen to music over data without having your phone with you,” added Tulp.

Elisa’s eSIM and MultiSIM services work on all Apple smartwatches with corresponding support (Apple Watch Series 4, 5, SE, 7, 8, Ultra and SE 2nd Gen) starting from version 9.4 watchOS, and from today it is also possible to purchase Apple Watch watches with network support from the Elisa e-store. More information about Apple watches can be found on the website elisa.ee/apple-watch.

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