Drei Austria and Instahelp Partner for Online Mental Health Support

Hutchison Drei Austria said that it is supporting psychological counseling via smartphone or computer together with start-up Instahelp, offering a 20 percent discount for the first counseling session

BILD zu OTS - Instahelp und Drei verbinden Kunden am Smartphone oder Computer mit erfahrenen Psychologen.
Stress overload, anxiety, burnout and partnership problems are omnipresent in our society. But social stress, lack of time, or geographical distance often prevent people from physically seeking a psychological practice. While online advice is well received in countries like the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States, the topic still has potential in Austria. Drei Austria and Instahelp

The telecom provider therefore supports psychological counseling via smartphone or computer together with Instahelp. The award-winning Austrian start-up, together with trained psychologists and in cooperation with the Sigmund Freud Private University, has launched a platform for professional advice on smartphones or computers. Three customers will now receive an exclusive 20% discount on the initial consultation until 15 December 2019.

Instahelp: Professional and flexible online support

The free Welcome Assistant helps to select the right psychologist, who is available on average after less than seven hours for a consultation in text chat or video and audio telephony, even in the evening or on weekends. Instahelp Psychologists are committed to absolute secrecy and document the course of advice anonymized. Upon request, the advice can also be used anonymously.

Rudolf Schrefl, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Drei “With our smartphone and internet products, we’re already adding daily physical health to our customers through fitness and health treatments, but we also know that mental health is as important as the physical one – true to our motto” Three’s makes it easy ” Instahelp now gives our customers easy access to professional, psychological counseling via their smartphone. ““I would like us to move towards a society where mental health is as important as physical health, and an integral part of our everyday health care.” Together with Drei, we want to make that easier for even more people in Austria “, said Bernadette Frech, CEO of Instahelp, on the cooperation with Drei .

Drei Austria and Instahelp: Drei customers get 20 Euro voucher for the first consultation
For three customers, the initial consultation now costs until December 15, 2019, only 29 instead of 49 euros. This is intended to further ease the hurdle to get support for all first-time users. In the future, the consulting services can also be paid directly via the mobile phone or Internet bill. After the initial consultation, you can choose between 40 and 60 minutes of counseling per week. The package has no minimum term and can be terminated at any time. With a subscription price of 49 euros for 40 or 69 euros for 60 minutes, the online consultations are also significantly cheaper than traditional therapy sessions, which can cost up to 120 euros. More on the discount for three customers www.instahelp.me/drei or www.drei.at/instahelp


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