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Greece beach

Island hopping in Greece – visit the Cyclades

Europe has a lot of amazing and beautiful places, but if you’re looking for the ultimate island-hopping experience on the continent, Greece is the go-to destination. In Greece there’s an estimate that says between 1200 to 6000 islands, so don’t be afraid you’re going to run out. Greece has some of the most beautiful beaches and there’s so much to see and do on the islands. greece islands

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In this mini guide, we have chosen to highlight the Cyclades, which is an island group in the southeast of the mainland.

Many people think it will be extremely costly to visit some of the islands we’re about to mention, but it is possible to experience them on a lower budget. You don’t have to wait around for the big jackpot at the best online casino, there are other ways to fund your trip to Greece. Here are some of the Cyclades islands worth considering.


How to get around the Cyclades greece islands

The island group is fairly close to Athens, which makes it perfect for doing a stopover in the interesting capital. A few nights in Athens, and then head to the islands by ferry. Several ferry companies are operating these routes, and it’s even possible to buy an island hopper pass.


Naxos island

Some of the Cyclades are more expensive, budget-wise, than others. One of these is called Naxos. The island is located about 40km south of the islands called Mykonos and 180km southeast of Athens. The islands have breathtaking beaches, great Greek food, and traditional villages. The island is also good for trekking as well as kitesurfing.


Ios island

Another island to consider in the Cyclades is the island of Ios. This island also offers nice beaches, lots of fun activities, and a huge selection of bars and restaurants. If you’re into hiking, there are some pretty cool trails here as well.


Paros island

This island offers pure natural beauty, a clean and clear ocean, traditional Greek villages, and magnificent scenery. This island is close to the island of Antiparos which should also be visited while there.


The most famous Islands

Mykonos and Santorini are some of the most famous islands in all of Greece. Over the years Santorini has become the face of Greece in terms of travel ads, but Mykonos is also known for other reasons. The parties. Mykonos can be categorized as the Ibiza of Greece, but don’t get fooled. The island of Mykonos is still worth visiting for its beautiful white buildings and gorgeous beaches. Santorini is also worth a visit. In the Cyclades, there are several more islands to explore. Some of the islands worth considering are the following:


  • Amorgos
  • Syros
  • Milos
  • Tinos
  • Sifnos
  • Serifos


What is the best island-hopping route?

It is very different from how people decide to do island hopping in the Cyclades, but a lot of people start this journey from Athens to Santorini. Santorini is the island most far from any of the Cyclades from Athens. Other people choose to start in Mykonos and do the other way around.


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