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Quit smoking App

Check out how AI and a mobile phone app could help you quit smoking

According to a study conducted by the University of East Anglia, a groundbreaking mobile app using location and trigger-sensing technology could assist individuals in quitting smoking. The app, known as Quit Sense, is the first of its kind to employ artificial intelligence (AI) to identify locations where users have previously smoked and provide targeted support to manage those specific triggers. Quit smoking App

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In this blog post, we will dive into the details of Quit Sense, how it works, and the results of the recent study.

How Quit Sense Works

Quit Sense is the world’s first AI-powered stop-smoking app that detects when users are entering a location where they used to smoke. Leveraging cutting-edge location sensing technology, the app then offers tailored support to help individuals effectively manage their specific smoking triggers in that particular location. By providing personalized assistance in real-time, Quit Sense aims to empower users in their journey to quit smoking and overcome environmental cues that may trigger cravings.

The app gathers information about the timing, locations, and triggers of past smoking events using machine learning. It then utilizes this data to determine when and what messages to display to users in real-time to assist them in managing their urges to smoke. This personalized and adaptive approach allows the app to offer tailored support to users precisely when they need it the most.

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Study results Quit smoking App

A recent study demonstrated the effectiveness of the Quit Sense app in aiding smokers to quit compared to those who were only provided with online support from the National Health Service (NHS). The results revealed that the app significantly outperformed the online support alone in helping individuals quit smoking. The research team is optimistic that the app’s ability to assist users in managing trigger situations will contribute to higher success rates in smoking cessation efforts.

During the study, 209 smokers were recruited via social media and were sent links via text message to access their designated treatment. All participants were provided with a link to the National Health Service (NHS) online stop-smoking support, while only half of them also received access to the Quit Sense app as an additional intervention. After six months, participants were requested to complete follow-up measures online, and those who claimed to have quit smoking were asked to submit a saliva sample to verify their abstinence from smoking.

75% of the smokers offered the Quit Sense app installed it on their smartphones, and among those who initiated a quit attempt with the app, the average duration of usage was approximately one month. This indicates a substantial uptake of the app among the study participants, suggesting that the Quit Sense app is feasible and engaging for smokers who are attempting to quit. The findings highlight the potential of the app as a supportive tool in smoking cessation efforts.

Limitations and future research

While the study results were promising, there were some limitations to consider. One limitation was that less than half of the participants who claimed to have quit smoking returned a saliva sample to verify their abstinence, which could affect the accuracy of the findings. Additionally, the study was conducted on a relatively small scale. Therefore, further research is needed to obtain a more comprehensive understanding of the app’s effectiveness in supporting smoking cessation.

Final Thoughts Quit smoking App

The Quit Sense app is an innovative approach to help smokers quit smoking using AI technology. By addressing the unique triggers that may prompt individuals to smoke, the Quit Sense app has the potential to be a valuable tool in helping more smokers quit and achieve their goal of becoming smoke-free. While more research is needed to understand the app’s effectiveness fully, the initial results are promising, and it is an exciting time for the future of AI-powered smoking cessation apps.


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