Changes in Italy with mobile number portability next month

Starting from 7 November 2022, mobile telephone operators in Italy will have to adapt to AGCOM Resolution 86/21 / CIR which modifies the process of mobile number portability, SIM replacement and takeover. italy mobile number portability

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1Mobile, WindTre and its semi-virtual Very Mobile have already communicated that the new provisions will be operational starting from 7 November 2022. Soon the other national operators will also communicate these new changes to their customers.

This is the resolution published on  July 27, 2021  which in addition to introducing new fraud prevention mechanisms with the replacement of the SIM,  also modifies resolution 147/11 / CIR, which contains the current rules governing mobile number portability (MNP) .

The changes to the portability process concern both the introduction of measures that aim at strengthening the controls carried out during the procedure and the introduction of notifications that guarantee updates on the performance of any SIM replacement activities, in the event of a takeover. , theft, loss or destruction.

In this way, the customer will be able to confirm whether or not the continuation of the card replacement (or portability) process, with the aim of eliminating the phenomenon of the theft of personal data in correspondence with the so-called  SIM Swap scam.

By November 14, 2022, as a result of the new Resolution, all Italian mobile telephone operators will compulsorily and fully adopt the new methods for outbound portability and inbound portability.


What changes in summary in the consumer world? italy mobile number portability

The portability of the mobile number to a new operator must be requested only by the holder of the number to bring, that is, by the person who has the contract with the old operator. It is therefore advisable for the user of the SIM to verify who the SIM is registered to.

The old operator must provide for appropriate procedures to allow the change of owner, if necessary.

If the holder intends to transfer his number to another subject, it will be possible to manage the portability of the number with a simultaneous change of holder only in the presence of both subjects in the shop.

The SIM of the old operator associated with the number to be brought must be functional; therefore it will no longer be possible to proceed with the request for mobile number portability in the event of a broken, lost or stolen SIM. Before the portability request, it will be necessary to obtain a new SIM working from the old operator, and in case of theft or loss, always by submitting the appropriate report made to the competent Authorities.

Validation procedure

The request for mobile number portability must always be verified by the new operator through a preventive validation procedure, established by resolution 86/21 / CIR, in order to verify that the request is shared by whoever is using the number object of the request.

The pre-verification procedure will also be applied in case of requests for the replacement of the SIM and the takeover of a new holder.

The management method of the portability request will be the same for prepaid and postpaid sim cards and will be based on the number to bring and the tax code of the applicant who must necessarily be the holder of the number at the old operator.

In addition to the acquisition of the original copy of the valid identity document of the customer, the obligation to acquire also a copy of the original of the customer’s tax code and a copy of the SIM of the old operator will be introduced. italy mobile number portability

An information flow will be provided to the customer who requests the portability of the number at the time of the acceptance of the request by the old operator, of the change of operator and of the transfer of the residual credit if applicable and requested.

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