CBRS Alliance Surpasses 100 Members, Establishes OnGo Working Group

 CBRS Alliance, an industry organization focused on driving the development, commercialization, and adoption of OnGo™ shared spectrum solutions, announced the achievement of key milestones in tandem with the organization’s two-year anniversary.

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In the short time since the organization was founded by its six charter members, the CBRS Alliance has grown to include more than 100 member organizations. The vast and comprehensive membership enables a robust ecosystem through the development and management of technical specifications, the OnGo brand, and the OnGo Certification Program.

In tandem with the organization’s two-year anniversary and with the commercialization of OnGo expected in Q4 – the CBRS Alliance has also announced the establishment of its Deployment and Operations (D&O) Working Group (WG). The fifth working group of the CBRS Alliance will be focused on identifying, defining, and implementing end-to-end deployment models and operational best practices for OnGo connectivity, including the interconnections between networks, network operators, and roaming hubs.

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“This incredible momentum we’ve achieved in a short two-year timespan is thanks to the energy and dedication of the working groups and member companies within the CBRS Alliance,” said Dave Wright, President of the CBRS Alliance. “Today’s establishment of the D&O WG and achievement of our 100-member milestone are both evidence of continued progress toward the commercialization of OnGo.”

The D&O Working Group will be chaired by Piyush Raj, Director Technology Innovation, American Tower – the largest U.S. owner and operator of wireless communications infrastructure, and Boingo Wireless Chief Technology Officer Dr. Derek Peterson. Boingo is one of the world’s largest providers of indoor wireless networks and the company behind the landmark CBRS deployment at Dallas Love Field Airport (DAL). Both Raj and Dr. Peterson bring firsthand OnGo implementation experience to the D&O working group, along with extensive wireless industry experience.

“Shared spectrum and private LTE will play a pivotal role in next-generation wireless, underscoring the need for a Work Group that is focused on end-to-end CBRS deployments in real-world settings,” said Dr. Peterson. “Boingo is pleased to help lead this new CBRS group, and we look forward to sharing key learnings from our commercial trials to drive further momentum and maximize the potential of 3.5 GHz in a converged, shared spectrum model.”     

“The commercialization of OnGo is quickly approaching, and the D&O Working Group is looking forward to enabling a robust OnGo ecosystem by supporting the development of deployment best practices, while also fostering an active conversation between end users, service providers, and the technical working groups to ensure all needs are met as the technology continues to evolve to best meet industry demands,” noted Piyush Raj, CBRS Alliance D&O Working Group Co-Chair and Director Technology Innovation, American Tower.

Looking ahead, the CBRS Alliance will host its first-ever OnGo Interoperability Test Event in Louisville, Colorado, hosted by CableLabs later this month. The initiative will showcase the rapidly maturing OnGo ecosystem, and results from the members-only event will be reported in early September. Vendors and manufacturers interested in participating in the OnGo Interoperability Test Event and/or submitting their access points for testing and certification should contact admin@cbrsalliance.org.

On Sept. 12, the work of the entire organization will be showcased at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 during the organization’s second annual partner program, “Catch the OnGo Wave,” presented by the CBRS Alliance. The program will explore current customer activities and the massive opportunities OnGo will enable for operators, managed service providers, and enterprises.

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