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A1 Bulgaria starts offering fast loans, approved in 15 minutes

A1 Bulgaria said it officially launched the A1 Quick Credit service, becoming the newest player on the consumer credit market in Bulgaria. a1 bulgaria loans


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The procedure for issuing A1 Quick Credit takes place entirely online, and the approval takes no more than 15 minutes after reviewing the application. The loan is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are subscribers of A1 service or not.
The first step in the process is to fill in a short application form. It contains brief information about the client – name, surname, telephone number and e-mail. The second stage is to fill in a more detailed survey related to income, as well as to provide an IBAN to which the money can be transferred after approval.
The approval process is also entirely digital – after reviewing the application, the client receives a response within 15 minutes. In case of a positive answer to the provided e-mail, a message is received with the documents for signature, and on the phone – a special code, the entry of which is considered to be the actual signing of these documents. With this, the process of concluding a contract ends, and the desired amount is transferred to the specified IBAN . Users can specify the IBAN of any financial institution, including using the one in the A1 Wallet application .
The loan can be between BGN 100 and 3000. A calculator has been developed on the A1 Quick Credit website , with the help of which everyone can calculate how much they have to repay depending on the amount and the repayment period. Repayment can be made at different time intervals depending on the amount. For amounts from BGN 100 to BGN 300, the repayment period is up to 6 months. A loan of BGN 300 to BGN 500 must be repaid within 9 months at the latest, and the rescheduling of amounts between BGN 500 and BGN 3,000 can be extended for up to 12 months.
The loan can be repaid in three ways – by payment in a bank branch, through an online banking application or through the digital wallet A1 Wallet. There are no fees for early repayment, and the full terms of the service are available on the A1 Quick Credit website . a1 bulgaria loans
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