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Vodafone Germany to increase prices for fixed services from May

Vodafone Germany is increasing the price of fixed-line and internet products for existing customers from May, according to an email to customers seen by Der Spiegel. The company decided to increase prices following the rise in its costs, particularly for energy to operate the network. Vodafone Germany price increase

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Many German Vodafone customers are anticipating unwelcome news as the provider is raising the monthly costs for numerous internet and landline tariffs, citing general cost development as the reason. The telecommunications group is facing significant challenges due to rising energy prices for network operations, and therefore, has to adjust the prices.

The price adjustments are set to take effect on May 1st, as indicated in the emails to customers. The new tariffs will automatically apply to those who do not object, and the provider is offering a special right of termination to those affected, as required by law. DSL and cable landline contracts that were concluded before November 15, 2022, are affected, with the monthly base price increasing by five euros each time.

The new GigaZuhause products remain unchanged, as do all GigaCube and fiber optic tariffs. Mobile communications are also not affected by price increases, according to Vodafone.

According to Jens-Uwe Theumer from the comparison portal Verivox, the current development is not surprising, as Vodafone, like other providers, is facing increased network expansion costs and high inflation. In November of last year, Vodafone, Telefónica O2, and PYUR increased some tariffs by mostly five euros per month, but mostly for new customers. Similarly, 1&1 raised prices for new customers, while Telekom initially reduced discounts for new customers.

BNetzA regulates the German telecommunications market and sets rules and regulations to protect consumers, promote competition, and ensure fair prices. The agency regularly monitors the market and investigates potential violations of its rules, including excessive pricing or anti-competitive behavior. Vodafone Germany price increase

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