GO UP NFT Incubates First NFT “Trekki”, Bridging the Web3 Universe with the World of Travel trip_com_Logo

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token. In the context of tourism, NFTs can represent digital ownership of a unique item or experience related to travel. This could be a digital representation of a ticket, a unique experience, a piece of art, or even ownership of a specific location in a virtual world. has made history as the first global travel service provider to delve into the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), incubating its first collection, “Trekki”. NFT

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The Trekki collection consists of 10,000 NFTs themed around a dolphin cartoon, now open for registration on Trekki’s official website, and will be sold via blind boxes in Q3 of 2023. Trekki is categorised according to its scarcity, with each NFT possessing a distinct persona and various travel backgrounds. NFT

With the goal of connecting the Web3 nomads with the world of travel, Trekki allows travel enthusiasts who value unique experiences and digital collectibles to enjoy various benefits on The new NFT also carries a unique gamified growth mechanism – the more a Trekki holder travels, the more benefits the holder can unlock through Trekki.

Trekki represents’s inaugural foray into Web3 and marks its entry as one of the first global travel service providers to explore the NFT market.

The NFT project is also seeking collaborations with successful Web3 players and tourism partners to offer greater benefits to holders and foster a connection between the digital realm and real-life tourism experiences.

There are several potential applications for the use of NFTs in tourism: NFT

  1. Digital Souvenirs: Just like physical souvenirs, digital souvenirs in the form of NFTs can be collected during travels. These could be digital artworks, photographs, or other unique digital assets associated with a particular location or experience.
  2. Proof of Experience: NFTs can be used as proof of having had a particular experience, such as visiting a particular location, attending an event, or completing a challenge. These could be collected and displayed as badges of honor.
  3. Virtual Tourism: In virtual worlds, NFTs can represent ownership of virtual land or property. This could be a new form of tourism where people visit and explore virtual worlds.
  4. Travel Services: NFTs could be used to represent ownership of a travel service, such as a flight, hotel booking, or tour. This could potentially make the process of booking and managing travel services more efficient and secure.


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