Gartner estimated that B2B IT spend will reach $4.1tn in 2017 and of that amount, 40% will be within Telecommunications 

Telecom services are the backbone of most businesses, working hard behind the scenes. The ideal is to have effective telecom services that help your business run seamlessly and efficiently.

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However, not every telecom solution is right for every business, and it’s possible to have the wrong services for your company.


European businesses are still paying too much for telecommunication services such as telephony (fixed and mobile), text messaging and data usage on mobile devices

Communications services will continue to be the largest IT spending segment in 2015 with spending at nearly $1.5 trillion.

The real problem facing companies is the complexity of the European and global telecom market, which makes it difficult to negotiate competitive contracts with telecom providers.

Alert – Your Virtual Telecom Department

Our first order of business is reducing your telecom spend. But that isn’t our end goal. It’s just the beginning. We have the carrier relationships, technology, experience and expertise to operate as an extension of your staff, freeing up valuable capital and human resources that can be directed to other areas of your business.

Let us help you!

We partner with your personnel to reduce expenses and manage the entire telecommunications lifecycle.

Telecom Consulting Services


(*The Gartner Worldwide IT Spending Forecast is the leading indicator of major technology trends across the hardware, software, IT services and telecom markets).

Telecom Expense Management

Since telecom services are such a major part of your budget, they’re not something you can just think about once and forget. Whether you do it on your own, or work with a consulting service you need to review your services and invoices on a regular basis, so you can adapt and change as necessary.

Get Alert. Get Control.

Telecom rates and promotions change all the time, but many companies are stuck wasting money on outdated plans, being billed for service overages or unused usage, and even disconnected services. Telecom consultants can review your current bills and make sure you’re in the right plan for your business needs. More..

You’re always in a better position to negotiate rates when you do so with an RFP. When you conduct a formal RFP process you get services at a more competitive rate. More

You don’t have to settle for whatever terms are offered in a telecom contract. Very often, you can leverage a better deal if you have inside knowledge of what kind of terms are being offered elsewhere in the industry. Few people understand the complicated pricing structures, tariffs and service guides, and rate comparisons are hard to find. A telecom consulting service has the deeper understanding of these issues and can help you negotiate a more favorable contract. More

Let an experienced and knowledgeable consultant perform a thorough audit of your telecom services. Telecom services are a very high line item expense for most businesses and nearly 80 percent of bills contain errors. Telecom bills can be very complicated and difficult to read and interpret, so it can be difficult to spot billing errors. An effective telecom audit is non-intrusive and the auditing services can be done from the office.

We first conduct an audit of your telecom bills to discover opportunities for savings. We then negotiate directly with your vendors to correct errors and get you the best pricing on monthly service.

Often, after we find savings, we can begin the process of recovering erroneous charges dating back as far as five years. More

Sourcing solutions evaluate your current plans and compare them to benchmarked data and your future goals. Many sourcing solutions can work with a company of any size to cover voice, data, wireless, conferencing and expense management. A 20 percent reduction in total telecom costs is completely attainable.

Successful sourcing initiatives begin with a thorough understanding of all current assets, a clearly defined strategy and the right market intelligence.