Over quarter of Slovenians spend more than EUR 70 per month on telecoms

Over a quarter of Slovenians (28%) spend more than EUR 70 per month on telecoms, according to a survey by the regulator Akos conducted at the end of 2017.

Around half spend between EUR 26 and EUR 70, and 5 percent spend EUR 25 or less. Over a quarter (28%) said they were thinking about cancelling services due to high costs.

The key factors in choosing an internet provider are the quality of services, the price and the package offer. Compared with previous years, the high speed of the Internet has significantly decreased the importance of the factor, which fell from 6% last year to 41% from last year. There is still a large share of end users who are not willing to pay for faster internet.

The most important reason for switching the packet service provider is a lower price, which is closely followed by the quality of services. The most common problem that almost every other respondent faces is interrupting the operation of the Internet. With interruptions in operation, households regardless of the speed of access. The research shows that the higher the speed of Internet access, the fewer the problems with the user experience. Households with access speeds greater than 20Mb / s above average agree that they have more than needed in their operator’s package.


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