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Lyca Mobile launches eSIM service in the UK

Lyca Mobile is launching its eSIM service in the UK, becoming one of the first MVNOs to offer this service to UK customers. The digital SIM cards are compatible with a range of new smartphones, including all iPhones from iPhone X and a wide range of Android handsets. lycamobile esim

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The introduction of Lyca Mobile eSIM into the UK market marks a major milestone for the company and further highlights its commitment to providing innovative services and products to customers.

With the Lyca Mobile eSIM, users have the flexibility to access different networks and plan from a single device – perfect for frequent travellers, or those needing multiple phone numbers! Furthermore, dual-SIM functionality, secure data storage, and instant activation without having to physically insert or remove the card from the handset are just some of the features available with this ground-breaking technology. lycamobile esim

Ultimate flexible experience

Undoubtedly, the introduction of eSIM technology is a game-changer for mobile phone users. The innovative solution offers the ultimate flexible experience, allowing customers to use both pay-as-you-go (PAYG) and Pay Monthly (post-paid) while also taking advantage of 5G support on compatible devices.

In addition to convenience and advanced network capabilities, the MVNO carrier’s eSIM offers cost-effectiveness as well. By eliminating additional charges associated with swapping out physical SIM cards each time you travel or change providers, users can save money on their phone bills.

This launch marks yet another milestone for the MVNO carrier; with this new product offering, Lyca Mobile (using O2’s network) is continuing to cement itself as one of the leading providers of digital telecom solutions in the UK. By choosing the eSIM, customers can benefit from both their preferred plans and the industry-leading customer service and competitive pricing offered by the company.

“Our customers have always been at the heart of everything we do here at Lyca Mobile and offering them an easy way to manage their mobile services is just another way to reaffirm our commitment to providing the very best in telecom solutions,” said Chief Digital Officer, Umesh Kumar Tripathi.

Point to note, the eSIM is compatible with a number of recently released Android and Apple devices such as the iPhone XS and beyond. For those looking to take charge of their cellular plans while enjoying unbeatable service and prices, Lyca Mobile eSIM is the perfect solution. Visit www.lycamobile.co.uk to learn more about this amazing product and how it can make your life easier.

How to activate your Lycamobile eSIM?

Depending on your phone model (iPhone, Samsung Smartphone, Google Smartphone, or Huawei), the steps may vary slightly. Generally speaking, you will need to open your camera app and scan the QR code provided in the confirmation email from Lyca Mobile to activate your eSIM. Alternatively, if this does not work for you:

• iPhone users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection and go to settings > mobile data > add eSIM (click it will open QR Code scanner) and follow prompts to scan the QR code.

• Samsung smartphone users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection, go to settings > connections > SIM card manager > add mobile plan and follow prompts to scan the QR code.

• Google smartphone users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection, go to settings > network & internet > select plus sign (+) next to Mobile Network > download a SIM instead and follow prompts to scan the QR code.

• Huawei users: Connect to Wi-Fi/Mobile data connection, go to settings and look for Mobile Network > SIM Management > Add eSIM (select type – eSIM) and follow prompts to scan the QR code.

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