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Istanbul Airport is Europe’s Busiest Airport

Istanbul Airport, a marvel of modern architecture and technology, serves as the primary international gateway to Turkey and a vital hub between Europe and Asia. Türkiye‘s IstanbuI Airport has been ranked the busiest in Europe with an average of 1,446 daily flights, the European Air Navigation Safety Organization (EUROCONTROL) announced.

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In this comprehensive guide, we explore various aspects of this impressive airport, from arrivals and departures to hotels, parking rates, lounge access, and layover tips. Discover everything you need to know to make your journey through Istanbul Airport a seamless and enjoyable experience.

IstanbuI Airport Arrivals and Departures

As one of the busiest airports in the world, Istanbul Airport boasts an impressive flight schedule with connections to numerous international destinations. To ensure a smooth journey, it’s essential to keep track of your flight status:

  • Check the airport’s website or mobile app for the latest information on arrivals and departures.
  • Sign up for flight status alerts from your airline.
  • Use third-party flight tracking apps to monitor real-time flight data.

Istanbul Airport Hotels

Whether you’re in transit or have an early morning flight, Istanbul Airport offers a range of accommodation options to suit your needs. The airport itself is home to the luxurious YOTELAIR Istanbul Airport, offering comfortable rooms and amenities such as a gym, restaurant, and free Wi-Fi. Alternatively, several hotels are located within a short distance of the airport, including the Radisson Blu Istanbul Airport Hotel and the Park Inn by Radisson Istanbul Airport Odayeri.

Istanbul Airport Parking Rates

For travelers who plan to leave their vehicles at the airport, Istanbul Airport offers various parking options to suit your requirements and budget:

  • Multi-Storey Car Park: This facility provides both short-term and long-term parking options, with hourly, daily, and monthly rates available.
  • Valet Parking: For added convenience, the airport also offers a valet parking service, allowing you to drop off and pick up your vehicle with ease.
  • Off-site Parking: Numerous off-site parking facilities are located near the airport, providing affordable long-term parking options with shuttle services to and from the terminal.

Istanbul Airport Lounge Access

For a premium travel experience, Istanbul Airport offers a variety of luxurious lounges where you can relax and enjoy exclusive services:

  • Business Lounges: Operated by Turkish Airlines and other carriers, these lounges provide comfortable seating, Wi-Fi, refreshments, and shower facilities for eligible passengers.
  • Priority Pass Lounges: Several lounges at IstanbuI Airport accept Priority Pass membership, granting access to travelers with valid memberships, regardless of their airline or class of travel.
  • Pay-per-use Lounges: For travelers without lounge access through their airline or membership, some lounges offer pay-per-use options, allowing you to purchase access for a specific duration.

Istanbul Airport Layover Guide

If you find yourself with a layover at Istanbul Airport, there are plenty of ways to spend your time:

  • Duty-Free Shopping: Explore the vast duty-free shopping area, featuring a wide range of international brands, local products, and souvenirs.
  • Dining: Savor a variety of culinary delights at the airport’s numerous restaurants, cafes, and bars, catering to diverse tastes and dietary preferences.
  • Relaxation: Unwind at one of the airport’s spa facilities, offering massages, treatments, and relaxation areas to help you rejuvenate during your layover.
  • Entertainment: Catch up on the latest blockbusters at the airport’s cinema or spend some time at the gaming zone for a dose of fun and excitement.
  • Sightseeing: If your layover is long enough, consider venturing into the city to explore Istanbul’s rich history, culture, and breathtaking attractions.

Air Traffic Operations Report

EUROCONTROL’s latest Air Traffic Operations Report covering the April 26–May 2 period revealed that Istanbul Airport was followed by Amsterdam with 1,314 daily flights, London Heathrow with 1,272 flights, Paris-Charles de Gaulle with 1,245 flights, and Frankfurt with 1,194 flights.

While 28,204 flights were carried out daily across Europe, this figure corresponded to 92% of the 2019 level before the COVID-19 outbreak.

Turkish Airlines Stopover Program

Istanbul Airport and Palma de Mallorca Airport, which serve Majorca, Spain’s largest island, were the two airports that passed the 2019 levels among the top 10 in 2023.

Istanbul Airport ranked first, increasing the number of daily flights by 21% compared to 2019 and by 24% compared to 2022.

Meanwhile, Turkish Airlines ranked third among the airlines with the most daily flights in Europe, with 1,521.

The European Network recorded 28,204 average daily flights (+7% vs. 2022), increasing (+1%) vs. the previous week and standing at 92% of 2019 levels.

In April, the number of flights in the network was 90% of the 2019 levels, matching the base scenario of the flight forecast released in December 2022. (AA, EUROCONTROL)


Istanbul Airport is a world-class facility that caters to the needs of millions of travelers each year. With its impressive range of services and amenities, it has quickly become the go-to hub for passengers from around the globe. From the moment you arrive to the time you depart, Istanbul Airport strives to provide a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. By acquainting yourself with the various aspects of the airport, such as arrivals and departures, hotels, parking rates, lounge access, and layover options, you can make the most of your time at this impressive gateway to Eurasia.


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