How to Screen Mirror Phone to Laptop With Tenorshare Phone Mirror

(Android & IPhone)

Are you wanting to mirror your phone screen on the laptop to watch the football game on a larger display but are hindered by the limitations of screen mirroring applications? How to Screen Mirror Phone

Tenorshare provides an easy phone mirror solution to mirror phones to laptops with special discounts by playing the Treasure Hunt game.

Can I Mirror My Phone to My Laptop?

In many scenarios, you would want to screen mirroring from phone to laptop. For example, you like to watch movies on a bigger screen and play Android app games on PC, and you just want to control Android from PC.

“Screen mirroring offers much more, like allowing you to teach an online class or share face time with family on a large and bright display,” said Tenorshare’s spokesperson. “Luckily, Tenorshare Phone Mirror offers a way to mirror your phone on different PCs and laptops in a short time.”

How to operate screen mirroring Android on Laptop?

If you want to do screen mirroring to watch a favorite movie or play ball games on a bigger screen, here’s how to mirror Android to a laptop using Phone Mirror:

  • Open Tenorshare Phone Mirror and connect your Android phone to your PC to screen mirror.
  • Allow “USB debugging” on your phone to mirror it successfully on your laptop.

How to mirror an iPhone to a laptop? How to Screen Mirror Phone

Do you want to hold a meeting on a bigger screen than your iPhone? Here’s how to mirror your iPhone to your laptop using Phone Mirror:

  • Open Phone Mirror, choose iOS, and connect your iPhone to your PC.
  • Choose “Screen Mirroring” from the Control Center on your iPhone.
  • Connect to the phone mirror. Your iPhone screen will be mirrored on your laptop.

Main Features of Tenorshare Phone Mirror

  • Screen mirroring from a phone to laptop with complete control in real-time
  • Mirrors an Android phone on Windows and Mac & Mirrors an iPhone on iPad and PC
  • Multi-device Mirroring & simultaneous display
  • Transfer files from Android to PC
  • Play Android app games on your PC with a Game Keyboard
  • Record a phone screen and Take Screenshots on PC
  • Allows you to control five devices Simultaneously
  • Supports Android 6-12 versions and macOS 13 and below

About Tenorshare How to Screen Mirror Phone

If you are wondering how to mirror a phone to a laptop, Tenorshare Phone Mirror allows you to screen mirror phones with complete control and zero limitations. So, you can play games, transfer files, and watch movies on a bigger screen without any hassle. As a top-notch company, Tenorshare has provided smartphone solutions for Android and iPhone users since 2007.






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