Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

Gigaset GX6 – Smartphone made in Germany

The reinforced Gigaset GX6 smartphone is a real device “Made in Germany” – it was manufactured in Germany and in many respects clearly differs from Chinese, not-so-sophisticated “bricks”. He also has a few other features for which you can like him a lot. Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

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The market of armored smartphones is almost entirely dominated by manufacturers from China, such as Ulefone, Oukitel or Doogee, who release new models every few weeks. Cat or Samsung are moving into the shadows, with one or two premieres a year. In such a situation, smartphones from the German brand Gigaset are quite an interesting proposition.

The latest Gigaset GX6, introduced in December, is not made in China, but at the company’s parent factory in Bocholt, Germany, so it fully deserves the “Made in Germany” label. The smartphone is also lighter and more subtle than typical Chinese tanks, so it will tempt those who are looking for a reinforced phone, but also handy and closer to traditional smartphones.

The most elegant 5G rugged smartphone Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

  • Elegant & robust design combined with ultra-fast 5G
  • Ruggedized to military standard MIL-STD-810H + IP68 dust & water protected
  • Powerful and enduring 5000 mAh removable battery: Supports super fast charging up to 30 W and wireless fast charging up to 15 W
  • Flat dual camera system with dual LED flash: 50 MP wide angle with Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) + 2 MP macro
  • Large 6.6″ FHD+ Punch-Hole display: High refresh rate up to 120 Hz, Brightness boost at sunlight (550 nits) and Corning® Gorilla® Glass protection
  • High-performance 2.4 GHz Octa-Core processor MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G, 6 GB RAM and 128 GB internal memory
  • Triple-Slot: Dual-SIM + Memory extension up to 1 TB
  • Safer and faster wireless connectivity by Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC
  • Programmable function key: Quick access to specific features or apps
  • Biometric unlock: Fingerprint scanner on power button + Face recognition
  • 16 MP front camera for high-resolution Video calls and Selfies
  • Easy operation even with wet hands and gloves

Stands: For endurance. For robustness. And for top design.

It packs a lot in and looks good: The first Gigaset Rugged Smartphone with 5G standard combines robustness with top design. It is ideally suited for outdoor use and impresses with its slim housing made of high-quality materials, which is tested to military standard MIL-STD-810H and IP68. The Gigaset GX6 is “Made in Germany” and the ideal smartphone for users who are constantly on the move, in their hobby or profession, even in harsh outdoor conditions. So it’s tough, durable and full of power – and not just because of the long-lasting, removable battery. The GX6 charges super fast (up to 30 W), and has a top-notch camera and an extra loud speaker (up to 110 dB at 5 cm). And it also scores points under its chic shell: with ultra-fast 5G, a powerful octa-core processor and Wi-Fi 6.

Stands out: Due to its stability.

As with many other things in life, it’s the inner values that count with smartphones. But since they are supposed to work reliably everywhere and at all times, the external values do play a role: the GX6 is very robust, and its housing complies with the military standard MIL-STD-810H and the IP68 protection class. Sounds complex, but it means: it is waterproof, drop-proof, temperature-resistant, dust-proof and dirt-proof. And that’s not all: even massive impacts can’t harm this smartphone; thanks to its two-component TPU injection-molded housing reinforced with a metal frame, it survives the drop test onto a steel plate from a height of 1.2 metres without damage. You can also drop it in water: the GX6 is protected when submerged to a depth of 1.5 metres – for 30 minutes.

Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

Holds: And holds. And lasts. The battery of the Gigaset GX6.

So from the outside, the Gigaset GX6 can take a beating. But is it just as strong on the inside? Here it’s worth taking a look at the battery: with average use, it lasts at least two days, in standby even significantly longer. This 5000 mAh battery is a real stamina talent, with which you can listen to music for up to 55 hours or watch videos for up to 15 hours. It is easy to remove and you can purchase an additional battery in the Gigaset Online Shop. It also shows strength when it comes to charging: The GX6 supports wireless fast charging of up to 15 W and super fast charging of up to 30 W. And Gigaset BatteryLife+ technology increases battery life by up to 50%, with a preset charging limit at 90%. This is sustainable firstly and ensures a longer life secondly.

Runs: Thanks to 5G, the best wifi and octa-core processor.

Waiting is a thing of the past: with the new mobile phone standard 5G, mobile data is transmitted in real-time; the ultra-fast 5G is many times faster than 4G (LTE). Nothing jerks anymore, everything runs smoothly: streaming services, online games, downloads, apps for navigation or virtual and augmented reality software. Also new is the Wi-Fi 6 WLAN standard, which ensures a secure and faster wireless connection. And thanks to the 2.4 GHz octa-core processor MediaTek Dimensity 900 5G, you can use your apps smoothly and edit data at any time. So you’re doing very well with this processor, but also with the memory: the 6 GB RAM working memory accesses data at lightning speed – and the 128 GB internal memory (externally expandable to 1 TB) offers plenty of space for photos, videos, games or music. Runs, then.

Shows: Its best side. The camera of the Gigaset GX6. Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

When you have a clear picture of something, you should capture it: With the Gigaset GX6’s flat dual camera system with dual LED flash, you can do just that. The 50 MP is wide-angle with optical image stabilization (OIS) allows you to capture large subjects or panoramas, while the 2 MP macro enables fascinating close-up or detail shots. Perfect for selfies or video calls is the powerful 16 MP front camera. Video recordings are made in high-resolution UHD 4K 2160p with 3840 x 2160 pixels. And to ensure that the camera of the Gigaset GX6 really captures the most beautiful moments perfectly, it can even boast a dual LED flash – even in low-light conditions or at night. The dual LED flash is also useful in video mode: when activated, it continuously illuminates the scene.

Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

Connects: Thanks to Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC. Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

Many things in life are connected, everything is interconnected. So it’s better not to lose the connection: The GX6 is a robust companion in all situations, and you can rely on this smartphone from Gigaset for your communication tasks. It features secure and wireless connectivity, through Bluetooth 5.2 and NFC. The particularly energy-saving Bluetooth version 5.2 connects your Gigaset GX6 quickly and without configuration problems to headphones, speakers or other Bluetooth-enabled devices. You are also well-connected thanks to the NFC (“Near Field Communication”) transmission standard: With it, you can make cashless payments, transmit WLAN data or even open the front door. And it’s very convenient – and very secure!

Checks: Secure with a fingerprint scanner and face recognition.

Once you get your hands on the Gigaset GX6, you won’t let it go in a hurry. But you have to have the right fingers. Or the right face: with the fingerprint scanner on the power button and the face recognition function, you can unlock your smartphone quickly and conveniently – and be sure that no one else has access. At the touch of a finger, you can access your favourite functions or apps in no time at all: the programmable function key makes it possible. The triple slot with dual SIM and memory expansion is also a true miracle of functionality: you can insert a private and a business SIM card into your GX6 and thus do everything on one device. And thanks to the expandable external storage of up to 1 TB, there’s even more room for photos, videos, music or other data.

Gigaset GX6 rugged smartphone

Fits: A fair smartphone “Made in Germany”.

Hello Germany: Gigaset is the only company in the world to produce smartphones in this country, and we vouch for that with the “Made in Germany” quality label. We have been manufacturing modern telecommunications solutions at our production site in Bocholt for seven decades. The products change, but our claim always remains the same: even with smartphones like the GX6, you can expect the best features, high-quality standards and top design. And with our “Fair for Future” promise, we are looking ahead: Of course, the products are still the focus, but topics such as fairness, sustainability and the fight against social inequality are also important. So that we and future generations can continue to live well and carefree in the future.

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