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Dublin & OpenAI Partner to Advance Tourism with AI

Dublin City Council and OpenAI are announcing a partnership that leverages the power of artificial intelligence to support Europe’s tourism industry. This collaboration comes as Dublin proudly accepts the title of European Capital of Smart Tourism for 2024, underscoring the city’s commitment to innovation in tourism. smart tourism ai

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The partnership aims to set a new standard for smart tourism innovation across Europe, showcasing the potential of AI to enhance the visitor experience. Key initiatives include:

-Co-development of a Dublin Itinerary Planner Proof of Concept “A Day in Dublin”: Leveraging the advanced capabilities of GPT-4, this innovative tool will showcase how bespoke travel recommendations can make Dublin’s rich cultural heritage and vibrant city life more accessible to visitors. This prototype has been designed to show the potential of generative AI to support unique, bespoke experiences for visitors instead of generic to-do lists.

-Supporting Tourism Across Europe: A hands-on workshop will be held for leaders of smart tourism destinations across the EU this September in Dublin. This session will explore how AI can be utilised in various aspects of tourism, including city promotion, destination branding, tourism engagement, and itinerary planning.

Lord Mayor of Dublin Daithi De Roisti: “We are delighted to partner with OpenAI to support Dublin and European cities to realise the potential of AI to transform tourism experiences and offerings. Through our EU Capital of Smart Tourism Designation we also look forward to welcoming city destination leaders to Dublin in September for a unique AI and tourism mentoring workshop to support their innovation programmes

OpenAI’s Vice President of Global Affairs, Anna Makanju:“OpenAI is excited to collaborate with the City of Dublin to support the future of tourism in Europe. Our advanced AI technologies, including GPT-4, have the potential to revolutionize how people explore and experience destinations. We look forward to working together to create innovative solutions that will benefit visitors and cities alike.” smart tourism ai

The Dublin Itinerary Planner Proof of Concept is a collaboration between Dublin City Council, OpenAi and Data & Design, a local Dublin based data consultancy. It has been designed to show the potential and power of generative AI to create unique and bespoke experiences that move away from mainstream generic ‘things to do’ lists in cities!

Data & Design Founder Rudi O’ Reilly Meehan: “There is little doubt of the transformative power of OpenAI’s technologies such as GPT-4. This collaboration is about creating tools that harness this power to benefit visitors to Dublin – in this case, by providing tailor-made itineraries created using generative AI. I am delighted to be working with Dublin City Council and OpenAI in building this prototype, and the approach we are taking has significant scope for scaling across other cities and experiences.” 

This partnership marks a significant milestone in the integration of AI into the tourism industry, promising to deliver a more engaging and bespoke visitor experience. Dublin and OpenAI are committed to leading the way in smart tourism innovation, inspiring cities across Europe to explore the possibilities.

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