Chirp Is Building IoT Towers Across the World in the Vein of Nikola Tesla

Company Announces Installation of IoT Master Gateway, Expanding the Chirp Network by Hundreds of Kilometers

"We believe in giving power to the end consumer," adds Kravchunovsky. "Tesla's vision is alive and well."

A renowned idea of Nikola Tesla’s was the ubiquity of energy provided via a global network of towers. Even though the inventor was unable to fulfill his vision, one business is preserving his legacy by taking a decentralized approach to broadband, telephony, and the Internet of Things (IoT). chirp iot

Recently, Chirp — a blockchain startup specializing in IoT that competes with the likes of Helium — installed its first master IoT gateway, known as the “Blackbird Master Gateway,” on a radio tower in the Höxter region of Germany. The installation, similar in many respects to Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower in Long Island, aims to allow thousands of validators to form a network for future IoT users.

This decentralized infrastructure to broadband, IoT, and telecommunications allows participants in the network to connect. In turn, they’re rewarded with Chirp’s native cryptocurrency.

“Decentralization is our number one principle,” Chirp founder and CEO Timothy Kravchunovsky tells Entrepreneur Europe. “We are building the infrastructure for millions of users, and billions of potential devices, to connect.”

This approach differs from standard telecommunications because there is no central company, like Verizon or its competitors, controlling the network. The logic is that user data is therefore safer and no single company is profiting from it.

Blackbird towers

Those who want to participate in Chirp’s network can provide coverage and validation by installing an IoT antenna (the “Blackbird”) on their home or office that earns rewards in the company’s native cryptocurrency. All users form a decentralized infrastructure that connects back to the Blackbird towers like the one in Germany’s Höxter region.

  1. A Chirp-owned validator for our token ecosystem
  2. An anti-spoofing measure designed to ensure that all connected gateways are real
  3. Proof that our goal of worldwide coverage is on the horizon.

Chirp has development gateways in five countries in Europe already, including Switzerland and the Netherlands, but is actively rolling out early-stage infrastructure in the Höxter, Paderborn, and Detmold regions of Germany.

“We believe in giving power to the end consumer,” adds Kravchunovsky. “Tesla’s vision is alive and well.”

Visit to join the waitlist and reserve your place in the network of the future.

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