Chinese travelers in Europe

Europe was very popular among Chinese Travelers this Chinese New Year as second preferred destination after Asia

These are some of the main findings of recently published reports on trends in Chinese outbound tourism during the last Spring Festival. Find out more about Chinese Tourists Europe below.

While the South European countries Italy and Spain offer many cultural attractions and moderate temperatures even during wintertime, Switzerland is famous for winter sports in the mountains and Iceland for its many fjords, mountainous areas and its untouched wilderness.

Eastern European countries, especially Serbia and the Czech Republic, are also gaining in popularity with Chinese visitors coming to Europe during the Spring Festival. They have become attractive not only due to their interesting cultural sites and beautiful landscapes but also because of the recent relaxation of visa regulations for Chinese tourists.

Chinese Tourists Europe

Than Turkey received the huge number of 194,789 Chinese visitors in this period comes as a surprise. It reflects, however, the success of local tourism agencies in compensating for a sharp decline in the number of visitors coming from Western European countries.

Top Cities Chinese Tourists Europe

Among the most popular European cities that Chinese travellers preferred to visit during the Spring Festival 2018 were Vienna, London and Paris. This is not a new trend, but rather a confirmation that these cities are extremely attractive because of their historical sites, great variety of cultural events and the possibilities they offer for purchasing famous European brands.

What did Chinese tourists like and dislike?

Following Chinese New Year 2018, we conducted research in China in the key travel forums (CTRIP, Mafengwo). We looked at the Chinese travellers comments regarding what they liked and disliked during their stay in the top four European countries visited – Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Greece.

Here is  ‘Chinese Travellers Chinese New Year 2018 Likes and Dislikes about Europe’, which lists the most-mentioned issues:

Chinese Tourists Europe



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