Warsaw skyscrapers mobile access control

4 Warsaw skyscrapers to roll out mobile access control

Employees working in four skyscrapers in Warsaw, Poland, will soon be able to access their workplaces and shared amenities by using a digital smart card stored on their smartphones. This convenient method of access is made possible through the use of NFC or Bluetooth-enabled readers. Warsaw skyscrapers mobile access control

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Property developer Ghelamco Group is spearheading the implementation of this contactless mobile access control solution at four prominent sites: Warsaw Spire, The Warsaw Hub, Warsaw Unit, and The Bridge. The initiative aims to standardize both mobile and physical access systems.

HID’s Mobile Access System Warsaw skyscrapers mobile access control

The system utilized in this project combines HID’s Mobile Access system with software developed by Ghelamco-owned company Signal OS. This software not only manages the physical access control systems within the buildings but also integrates with other functions such as lift and parking systems, closed-circuit TV, visitor management, and potential building management systems and sensors to monitor air and water quality.

The mobile-enabled smart card readers have already been installed in Warsaw Hub and Unit, while in Warsaw Spire, iClass SE readers with Bluetooth and NFC modules were added for testing purposes. Additionally, the upcoming Bridge skyscraper will employ mobile-ready HID Signo readers, utilizing Seos as its underlying credential technology.

The implementation of the HID Mobile Access solution, coupled with Signal OS software, has yielded immediate benefits for Ghelamco. The company has been able to attract new clients who are interested in leasing space in technologically advanced, energy-efficient buildings. Furthermore, by eliminating the need for PVC access cards, both financial savings and environmental benefits are achieved.

The system uses HID’s Mobile Access solution that also enables administrators to “manage the credentials based on available licenses and assign batches of virtual cards to specific tenants” as well as allowing tenants to “manage the virtual credentials themselves from within the Skyliner app”.

“In our previous building, we just used plastic cards. But the staff were always losing or forgetting them, which wasted my time. Our reception would have to call me to confirm that an individual was really an employee, and I’d then have to reissue a card,” Karolina Cieślak from Skyliner tenant company Bolt says.

“The attractiveness of the Skyliner app in conjunction with HID’s Mobile Access solution is one of convenience, as frankly, no one leaves their home without their phone. I can activate and deactivate virtual credentials easily, and as physical plastic cards aren’t used anymore, it helps us to be more green.”

This project follows the successful rollout of contactless mobile access control in Warsaw’s Skyliner building, which adopted HID’s technology in November 2021.

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