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Telecom Expense Management

Allowing a third party to manage your telecom expenses is a smart way  to control your expenses. Telecom Expense Management services provides from 7 – 40% savings.
Stop wasting your time and money.
For micro SMEs, some 69% of savings come from reducing the cost of tariff and bundles. For SMEs with 10 or more connections, some 49% of savings are from reducing tariff and bundles and 10% from increasing UK data allowances.

Reusing or terminating connections accounts for a further 19% of total savings. Businesses with international activities can save by optimising roaming bundles and through bundles for calling abroad.

In practice, savings are often interlinked. Nowadays all networks offer plans and tariffs that include free international minutes or favourable roaming costs. These plans can provide great value for money, but should only be purchased for users who would really benefit.
The big savings come from negotiating the right telecom contract, not switching networks
One measure of the relative importance of knowing what to ask for, against simply shopping around, is that the majority of businesses can achieve savings of 42% by negotiating the right telecom
contract with the current network, almost as much as the typical savings potential of 49%.

Switching networks adds no more than an extra seven percentage points.

With outsourcing TEM service, your company will get more visibility into those expenses, will make significant savings and will have more time to do your core business.

As your outsourced telecom partner we check all your invoices, your current telecom contract, finding errors and sufficient services, renegotiate your telecom contracts etc. To achieve this, we use the special software which allows us to confirm the validity of payments and analyze the entire telecom costs for current improvements. Make such analysis only through the Excel spreadsheet is simply impossible.

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