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Zurich Airport Sees More Than Double the Passengers

In 2022, 22.6 million passengers passed through Zurich Airport. Compared to last year, this corresponds to more than a doubling; in 2021, 10.2 million passengers were counted. Compared to 2019, passenger numbers are at 72%.

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After a first quarter that was still marked by the pandemic, passenger traffic at Zurich Airport recovered significantly over the course of the year. In the first half of the year, passenger numbers rose within a short period of time from 15,000 in some cases to up to 90,000 travelers on peak days. Although the total number of passengers is thus still below the figures for 2019, it exceeds the forecasts made at the beginning of the year.


The number of air traffic movements was 216,584 in 2022, an increase of 63% compared to 2021 and 79% compared to 2019. A total of 422,153 tons of cargo were handled at Zurich Airport in 2022. Compared to the previous year, this represents an increase of 7% and compared to 2019, a decrease of 7%.

Key traffic figures December 2022

In December 2022, 1,904,409 passengers passed through Zurich Airport, corresponding to an increase of 80% compared to last year. Passenger levels are 82% of those reached in December 2019.  The number of local passengers was 1,289,918. Transfer passengers amounted to 32%, equal to 609,554 passengers.

Year on year, air traffic movements increased by 26% to 17,581 take-offs or landings. A monthly comparison shows that air traffic movements are at 87% of the 2019 level. The average passenger per movement figure increased to 126 (+34% vs. the previous year). The average seat load factor was at 77% (+20 percentage points vs. the previous year).
A total of 34’087 tons of freight were transported at Zurich Airport during the month of December. This led to a decrease of 9% in freight volume compared to last year. Compared to December 2019, freight volume decreased by 11%.

Zurich Airport celebrates 75 years –2023 anniversary year full of highlights


Airport Exhibition in Airport Shopping

An extensive airport exhibition will open in Airport Shopping on 14 June 2023. The first aircraft took off from Zurich Airport for London on 14 June 1948. The exhibition provides an insight into the development and future of Zurich Airport.

Airport party for the general public

The anniversary will be celebrated with an airport party on the weekend of 1–3 September 2023. Federal President Alain Berset will be one of the guests of honor at the official ceremony on Friday evening. The event will take place on the Tango stands, in the noise protection hangar and in the Circle and Circle Park.


Zurich Airport in the future

In order to provide future generations with a secure, contemporary and sustainable airport, Zurich Airport is looking not only back but also ahead this year. A number of construction projects will provide greater comfort, security and smooth operations at Zurich Airport and are bringing the infrastructure into line with current needs. Taking account of sustainability is more important than ever. The sustainable construction methods used in future projects and the replacement of fossil fuels are key components of the airport’s ambition to reduce its CO2 emissions to net zero by 2040. This will ensure that Zurich Airport remains Switzerland’s gateway to the world in the future and can continue to connect people and places. If you are travelling to Zurich and need a hotel, get it here.

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