Ziguang Group launched a 5G super SIM card

What is different from 'ordinary' SIM card?

Ziguang Group and China Telecom Wuxi Branch jointly released a 5G super SIM card. According to reports, the 5G super SIM card is the first SIM card with its own large storage capacity, the first super-secure SIM card, and the first SIM card with telecom 5G user rights and the first super-sales super SIM card.

According to Beijing News, the three major (state owned) China mobile network operators have already signed up 9 million advance orders for their yet to be launched 5G service.   As of October 5th, China Mobile’s 5G subscribers have reached 5.32 million, China Unicom has 1.75 million, China Telecom has 1.76 million, and the total number of committed 5G users is nearly 9 million.

The three China network operators haven’t set a date for the start of service, but will reportedly commence simultaneously, most likely later this month of October.  However, there are not many 5G smartphones (only two or three models) and no other endpoints (none announced yet) available from the three major China network operators.  The preferential price is between 150 yuan and 550 yuan.


What are the characteristics of a 5G super SIM card compared to a normal SIM card?

First, the large capacity, the previous SIM card function is too single, only for number identification, and now Ziguang 5G super SIM card with 128G large capacity storage, can provide large-capacity storage space for mobile phone users. However, the company also mentioned to bring 512GB and 1TB storage variants in the near future. 5G SIM can be used for storing photos, videos, and other data from smartphones. It can be used for backup entire data when moving to a new smartphone. However, the users have to install an app for a one-click backup option. It is also mentioned to come enterprise-grade encryption.

Second, a key change machine, mobile phone users can achieve data backup and recovery through the supporting super SIM card APP. When the user changes the mobile phone, the core data such as address book, call record, SMS, calendar and application APP, one-click backup, one-click recovery, one card for mobile phone.

Third, the 5G SIM card adopts a financial-grade security chip independently developed by Ziguang Group and has the international CCEAL6+, UnionPay security, national secret level and other security qualifications. The Violet 5G Super SIM has financial-grade security capabilities. The mobile phone user’s address book, photos, files, etc. can be safely stored to the 5G super SIM card, effectively avoiding the risk of hacking Trojans stealing the leak, changing the machine without losing or leaking.

According to Ziguang, the 5G super SIM card is defined as a revolutionary fifth-generation SIM card. Compared with the capacity level of the first four generations in KB, the capacity of the 5G SIM card has expanded hundreds of thousands of times. Violet also said that in the near future, the 5G SIM card will iterate 512GB, 1T…nT capacity.


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