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Zhengzhou Metro

Zhengzhou Metro rolls out face recognition ticketing

Zhengzhou Metro in central China’s Henan Province has ushered in the face-scanning era, as a new check-in and payment system based on facial recognition was launched. Zhengzhou Metro face recognition

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System construction was completed on Aug. 31 and started a trial run for passengers on the same day in all stations along Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, the company said.

It is the first face-scanning metro check-in and payment system in the country launched along a full metro line, providing passengers with a better experience of quick pass access and automatic ticket buying.

The new system is in use along the entirety of Metro Line 1 and the first section of Line 14 in the city, with face-scanning machines installed at two entrances and exits in each station.

The purpose of the facial recognition system is reportedly to enhance security and prevent crime in the subway system. However, there have been concerns raised about privacy and civil liberties, as well as the potential for misuse of the technology. Critics argue that facial recognition is an invasive technology that can be used to track individuals and potentially discriminate against certain groups.

It’s worth noting that the use of facial recognition technology is not unique to Zhengzhou Metro or China. Many other countries and organizations around the world have also implemented facial recognition technology for various purposes, such as security, authentication, and marketing. However, there are ongoing debates and discussions about the appropriate use and regulation of facial recognition technology to balance security and privacy concerns.



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