Zet-Mobile offers eSIM service

Tajikistan operator Zet-Mobile has launched the commercial exploitation of the eSIM service. Customers are offered an opportunity to buy the service in shops of the operator. zet mobile esim

Subscribers will be offered a QR-code for activation of the service.

ESIM support is available in new iPhone models, as well as in top-end smartphones from Samsung, Huawei and some other manufacturers. Owners of phones that support eSIM can activate them in sales and service offices and experience the benefits of global technical innovations.

 “ESIM from ZET-MOBILE differs from other mobile operators in that the QR code can be used up to 5 times on different devices. eSIM cannot be broken or lost. At the same time, a digital SIM card does everything the same as an ordinary one – it provides you with mobile communications and the Internet. ”,  said the commercial director of ZET-MOBILE Orif Khashimov.

To purchase eSIM, subscribers will need to go to ZET-MOBILE offices and receive a unique QR code to activate it. zet mobile esim

MegaFon Tajikistan, another mobile communications provider in Tajikistan, and 10T Tech Limited, an eSIM solutions company, in partnership with IDEMIA, the leader in augmented identities in a Digital World, announced the launch of Tajikistan’s first consumer digital eSIM service using 10T Tech’s GSMA Consumer eSIM Cloud Solution in the spring of 2020.

This advanced mobile telecoms service allows smartphone owners with the latest Apple iPhones, iPads, and the just-released Samsung S20 range of devices to sign up to TT Mobile’s service plans by purchasing a TT Mobile QR code in any MegaFon Tajikistan service office.

In the future, TT Mobile plans to launch a more advanced service with a fully digital sign-up experience where current or prospective mobile subscribers can download the eSIM profile and install it on their mobile devices directly from the MegaFon Tajikistan website or using the MegaFon Life mobile app on both iOS and Android.

eSIMs, or embedded SIMs, are a key component of cellular-powered Internet of Things (IoT) networks, enabling devices to have out-of-the-box network connectivity without having to purchase a physical SIM card separately. Users can simply turn on their devices and download the mobile plan of their choosing.


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