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US Wireless Providers and Consumer Brands Go Live with ZenKey

ZenKey, a joint venture of the three major wireless providers in the USA, announced that its network-based identity solution has gone live on several major apps and websites. Sign-in with ZenKey improves security for sites and their customers while reducing the need for extra passwords and one-time passcodes. zenkey usa

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The solution is live on mobile apps for LiveXLive and Verizon My Fios. It’s also live on websites for AT&T TV, DIRECTV, myAT&T, AT&T TV Now and “Currently, from AT&T.”

ZenKey also announced key collaborations with market leaders in enterprise access management. ForgeRock has integrated ZenKey into its identity platform, which means its clients will be able to select ZenKey for consumer transactions and employee sign-on. And IBM (NYSE: IBM) is collaborating with ZenKey to expand employee and consumer authentication options for its IBM Security Verify portfolio.

ZenKey is easy to use. A wireless customer downloads the ZenKey app once from Google Play or the Apple App Store. Then as more brands and services integrate with ZenKey technology, the burden of multiple passwords goes away. Consumers register their apps and online accounts using ZenKey.

To help thwart identity thieves, ZenKey verifies a customer’s identity with a combination of signals that wireless networks rely on every day. This multi-factor authentication helps protect against fraud, unauthorized access and account takeovers. It works on a mobile device and also on trusted laptops and tablets that the customer chooses to link with the ZenKey app. An app or online account can use ZenKey as its primary authentication, or let it replace PIN codes as a second factor.

With a few simple clicks, ZenKey also helps you control the personal information that is shared with apps and accounts.

We are extremely excited about the launch of ZenKey on these apps and websites. We believe this initiative illustrates the commitment that ZenKey and the founding members have for cybersecurity and identity,” said Johannes Jaskolski, ZenKey general manager. “We look forward to activating additional marquee brands while giving consumers added peace-of-mind with their mobile transactions.”

LiveXLive is a global platform for livestream and on-demand audio, video and podcast content in music, comedy and pop culture. Other apps and websites are in the process of integration, with plans to trial or go live in coming months.

They include:

  • DocuSign, which offers e-signature and identity verification as part of its Agreement Cloud platform
  • Envisible, a sustainable food and technology company, which will add ZenKey to its Wholechain supply chain traceability app
  • FilesAnywhere, the longest-running secure cloud platform to store, sync, collaborate and share your company data while maintaining industry compliance
  • Global Grid for Learning, enabling thousands of schools and millions of students to safely learn remotely through GG4L Connect, an open-standards based Integration Platform as a Service
  • Proctorio, the industry-leading remote proctoring solution designed to protect the integrity of online assessments and the privacy of the students taking them. (AP) zenkey usa


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