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French YouPrice announced eSIM support in the coming weeks

YouPrice is a new virtual mobile operator offering adjustable offers, while allowing you to choose between two networks. MVNO will start offering customers the choice to opt for an eSIM in the coming weeks, reports Alloforfait citing a company spokesperson. YouPrice esim

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France Numerique has been operating as a MVNO in the B2B segment for the past seven years with network partners Orange and SFR.

YouPrice is a new virtual mobile operator (MVNO) that uses the 4G/5G networks of Orange and SFR. It offers adjustable packages, where the customer only pays for what he consumes. Five offers are available, ranging from 11 GB to 222 GB from 4.49 euros per month for the first year. They are non-binding and include unlimited calls, SMS, and MMS.

What do YouPrice offers?

5 packages are offered without commitments by the mobile operator, with two particularities: a price adapted to the subscriber’s data consumption and, above all the choice between two networks: SFR or Orange.

Indeed, subscribers will be able to choose an offer using the SFR network if it is the operator offering the best performance near their home or the incumbent operator. The only notable price difference is during the promotional period in the first year, with a final price common to both offers.

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As explained above, these are “adjustable” offers, so the prices displayed above are those applied within the framework of minimal use of the data envelope. For example, the Optimal package (on the SFR network) will indeed cost €10.49/month the first year if you use less than 166 GB, but €13.49 if you use up to 188 GB and €16.49/month if you use the entire envelope.

It should be noted that these are the prices displayed for access to the 4G network of the two operators, 5G being offered as a paid option for €4/month, which you can activate whenever you wish.

Offers therefore ranging from 11 to 222 GB, for prices (excluding promotional periods) ranging from €9.99/month to €22.99/month. Each offer is compatible with VoWiFi and VoLTE. For those wanting a voice-only package, the operator also offers the “Le Mini” package, with 100 MB and 2 hours of calls, offered at €2/month on the SFR network and €3.99/month on the Orange.

Details of the zones YouPrice esim

Zone 1: European Union: Azores (islands of), Alands (islands), Germany, Austria, Balearic Islands (islands of), Belgium, Bulgaria, Canaries (islands of), Cyprus, Corfu (island of), Crete (island of) , Croatia, Cyclades (the), Denmark, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Jersey (Island), Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira (Island), Malta (Island), Man (Island ), Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Rhodes (island of), Romania, United Kingdom, San Marino, Sardinia (island), Sicily (island), Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden, Czech (Rep), Vatican (city of ), Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Guernsey (island)
Zone 1bis: Wider Europe: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, Greenland, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine
Zone 1 ter:Rest of Europe: Andorra, Switzerland.
DOM zone: Désirade (island of), Guadeloupe (island), French Guiana, Marie-Galante (island), Martinique (island), Mayotte (island), Réunion (island of), Saintes (island of), St Barthélémy (island), St Martin (island), St Pierre & Miquelon (island).
Zone 2: Maghreb: Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara.
Zone 2 bis: North America: Alaska, Canada, United States, Hawaii (island), Puerto Rico (island), Virgin Islands (islands).
Zone 2 ter: Tunisia
Zone 3: Rest of the world
Zone 4: Satellites: Non-terrestrial network (cruise ships), Non-terrestrial network (maritime networks), Non-terrestrial network (satellites), Non-terrestrial network (Aircraft).


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