Young Norwegians use 29% more roaming data than others, Telenor reports

Telenor Norway said people aged 18 to 28 use an average of 69 percent more mobile internet than other Telenor customers when they travel abroad. In summer 2018, mobile data use among young people rose by 25 percent from the same season in 2017, new figures show.
The operator said it lets young Norwegians call and surf when traveling abroad in the same ways as they do when at home, through the benefits of its Yng Goodies scheme.

Young people are constantly looking for new adventures. When traveling you will have the opportunity to be online, and earlier this has led to more expensive telephone bills. Now that we have launched Yng Goodies, we give the young people extra benefits, even when they are on tour, says Erik Getz Skotvedt, head of Yng in Telenor Norway.

Yng Goodies is a mobile subscription for those between 18-28 years of age and can be customized to their own consumption. For example, you can choose Goodies as “Holiday Data”. This gives you double data amount three months a year, which you can use in the EU / EEA. You can also choose items that give you 5GB of extra data for use outside the EU every month, or four hours of call time from Norway to all countries around the world.

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