How YohoMobile’s eSIM Frees You From Physical SIM Cards

YohoMobile is a Singapore-based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that provides eSIM cellular plans and data services. Founded in 2018, YohoMobile aims to make international mobile plans more accessible through digital eSIM technology. YohoMobile esim review

Unlike traditional physical SIM cards, eSIMs are embedded into a device and can be activated remotely to connect to mobile networks. YohoMobile is one of the early pioneers of eSIM technology.

YohoMobile partners with major network operators across over 180 countries to provide flexible, low-cost international mobile plans. With YohoMobile eSIM, users can activate short-term data plans in different countries or regions using the same device.

The YohoMobile app and website make it easy to manage multiple country plans on a single eSIM. Users can subscribe to plans tailored to their travel destinations and usage needs. YohoMobile eSIM helps frequent travelers stay conveniently connected abroad without swapping out physical SIMs.

Overall, YohoMobile brings innovation to international roaming by harnessing eSIM technology. YohoMobile aims to simplify global mobile connectivity through flexible, affordable eSIM plans with extensive worldwide coverage.

How YohoMobile eSIM Works YohoMobile esim review

YohoMobile uses embedded SIM (eSIM) technology to provide cellular service without the need for a physical SIM card. This allows customers to easily activate and manage their YohoMobile plans directly from their phone’s settings.

To activate a YohoMobile eSIM plan, you first need an eSIM-compatible device, such as an iPhone XS or newer. You then download the YohoMobile app, which will guide you through the activation process. This involves scanning a QR code with your phone’s camera to install your eSIM cellular plan profile.

Once activated, you can manage your YohoMobile account entirely through the app. This includes selecting data packages, topping up credit, monitoring usage, and suspending or reactivating your plan. Everything is handled digitally through your phone without the need to insert a physical SIM card.

eSIMs allow for dual SIM functionality on compatible iPhones, so you can have both your regular carrier SIM and YohoMobile eSIM activated at the same time. You can set one as the preferred cellular data line while still receiving calls and texts on the other.

YohoMobile eSIMs are designed to make international cellular plans more accessible. By removing the need for physical SIM cards, it’s easy to activate and deactivate plans as needed directly from your phone. YohoMobile esim review

Check out some of the YohoMobile prices:


1 GB, 7 days: €7.27

10 GB, 30 days: €49.50

Get it here

1 GB, 7 days: €4.10 

10 GB, 30 days: €19.50

Get it here


Unlimited: €10.45

Get it here

eSIM Benefits

eSIM technology offers several key benefits compared to traditional physical SIM cards:

  • Convenience – With an eSIM, there is no need to obtain, insert, or replace a physical nano SIM card. eSIM profiles can be downloaded directly to your device remotely. This saves time and hassle when activating or switching service plans.

  • Flexibility to switch plans – Since eSIM profiles are software-based, you can switch service providers or plans over the air without having to physically change SIM cards. This makes it easy to take advantage of promotions or deals from other carriers if desired.

  • Dual SIM capability – eSIM enables the use of dual SIM functionality on a single device. You can have both a personal and business phone number active on the same phone. Or have SIMs from two different countries or carriers active at the same time.

By utilizing eSIM technology, users can enjoy a more convenient and flexible experience. The ability to remotely switch plans and use dual SIM features provides significant advantages over traditional physical SIM cards.

YohoMobile Plan Options YohoMobile esim review

YohoMobile offers eSIM plans to suit different needs and budgets. Plans are local, for regions (Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, the United States & Canada), or global. The main options are:

  • Data packages:
  • 1 GB 7 Days,
  • 3 GB 10 Days,
  • 5 GB 15 Days,
  • 10 GB 30 Days,
  • 500MB Daily
  • 500MB Daily + Unlimited for 30 Days,
  • 1GB Daily + Unlimited for 30 Days,
  • Unlimited 7 Days,
  • Unlimited 15 Days,
  • Unlimited 30 Days
  • Unlimited messaging $5.88


  • Validity: 7, 10, 15, 30 days

The Starter, Everyday, and Unlimited plans have data-only SIM functionality. The Travel and Global plans work in dual SIM mode with your existing carrier plan. All plans are contract-free and can be paused or canceled at any time.

Data speeds may be throttled after exceeding the data allowance on the Starter, Everyday, and Travel plans. Unlimited plan speeds are reduced to 128kbps after 100GB of usage per month. Video streaming is optimized on all plans.

Yoho Mobile, a company that offers overseas data communication services through eSIMs. Our mission is to help people stay connected with their loved ones around the world, anytime and anywhere.

YohoMobile eSIM Support

YohoMobile provides several support options for activating and using their eSIM service.

Activation Help YohoMobile esim review

The YohoMobile website has step-by-step instructions for activating an eSIM on supported devices. Users can also contact customer support via live chat, email, or phone for personalized activation help. Support agents can walk users through the eSIM activation process for their specific device.

Customer Service

YohoMobile has customer service representatives available 24/7 via live chat on their website. Users can also email or call their support line at +31 20 893 4349. Customer service can assist with activation, account management, billing, and any other issues.


YohoMobile has an extensive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section on its website. This covers many common eSIM questions, such as:

  • How to activate the YohoMobile eSIM
  • Troubleshooting activation issues
  • Switching between physical SIM and eSIM
  • Using multiple eSIM profiles
  • eSIM compatibility for different devices and carriers

The FAQs provide clear, step-by-step instructions and troubleshooting for many eSIM issues users may encounter. Between the FAQs, live chat, email, and phone support, YohoMobile offers several channels for resolving any problems with their eSIM service.

Using YohoMobile eSIM

YohoMobile makes using an eSIM incredibly easy and convenient. Here’s a quick overview of how to get started with a YohoMobile eSIM:

Setting Up Your Device

  • Check if your device supports eSIM. Most newer models of iPhones, Pixels, and Samsung Galaxy phones are eSIM compatible.

  • Download the YohoMobile app on your phone. This is where you’ll manage your eSIM plan.

  • Open the app and select the eSIM plan you want to activate. Follow the in-app prompts to get your eSIM profile downloaded and activated on your device.

  • You’ll need to scan a QR code displayed in the app to link your device to your eSIM. The entire process takes just a few taps.

Managing Your Account

  • The YohoMobile app allows you to easily manage your eSIM plan. You can check your data usage, top up your balance, change plans, and more.

  • If you ever need to switch devices, you can disable your eSIM on your old device and activate it on your new one through the app.

  • YohoMobile lets you pause your plan when traveling and resume it when you return. You can also use eSIMs for multiple plans/numbers on a single device.

Switching Plans

  • If your needs change, you can upgrade, downgrade, or change your plan at any time in the YohoMobile app.

  • Plan changes are applied almost instantly with the eSIM—no need to wait for a new SIM card to arrive.

  • You can try out different YohoMobile plans on a month-to-month basis if you don’t want to commit to a long-term contract.

So in summary, YohoMobile’s eSIM support makes it super easy to activate, manage, and switch plans on the go. The entire eSIM experience is handled through their user-friendly app.

YohoMobile Reviews

Customer feedback for YohoMobile’s service, plans, and support has been largely positive. Many customers have praised the flexibility and convenience of using an eSIM, allowing them to easily activate service across multiple devices or when traveling abroad without having to obtain a physical SIM card in each location.

The basic YohoMobile plan for Europe starts at €3 per month for 1GB of data, which reviewers find very affordable compared to traditional carrier plans. The mid-range plan with 5GB of data for €9 per month also provides excellent value based on the amount of high-speed data allotted. Even the unlimited data plan at €24 per 7 days for Europe is reasonably priced compared to unlimited data plans from major carriers. Customers switching from legacy carriers can realize significant savings with YohoMobile.

In terms of network coverage and performance, YohoMobile uses infrastructure from leading carriers so most customers report solid 4G LTE speeds and connectivity across Europe. A few users noticed slower speeds while traveling in more rural or remote areas. But coverage largely aligns with the major carrier networks.

YohoMobile’s customer support receives positive feedback as well. Customers have praised the responsive live chat and the ability to get issues resolved promptly when they arise. The company appears committed to addressing any concerns and improving the customer experience. Some users have noted longer wait times recently as the service has grown more popular.

Overall, YohoMobile’s flexible eSIM plans, affordable pricing, reliable coverage, and helpful customer support have earned the company glowing reviews from customers. For digital nomads or frequent travelers needing multi-country connectivity, YohoMobile provides excellent value. The eSIM capability makes the service particularly convenient for using local data across devices or when crossing borders frequently within Europe.

Pros of YohoMobile eSIM

YohoMobile’s eSIM offers several key benefits for users looking for flexibility and convenience.


One of the biggest pros of YohoMobile’s eSIM is the increased flexibility it provides. With an eSIM, you don’t have to wait for a physical SIM card to be shipped to activate service. This makes it easy to quickly set up service when traveling internationally or to switch between plans and carriers on the fly. YohoMobile’s eSIM allows you to remotely activate and manage multiple cellular plans on one device.

Easy Activation

Activating an eSIM plan with YohoMobile is a breeze compared to traditional physical SIM cards. You can scan a QR code or download a mobile configuration file to instantly activate a data plan without having to insert a SIM card. This streamlined process allows you to get connected faster.

Good Prices

In addition to flexibility, YohoMobile offers very competitively priced international data plans, starting at €3 per GB (depending on the plan, of course). Their European plans offer great value if you need occasional data while traveling between European countries. YohoMobile’s pricing compares very favorably to roaming rates from traditional carriers.

Cons of YohoMobile eSIM

While YohoMobile’s eSIM option offers convenience and flexibility, there are some downsides to consider:

  • Limited country coverage – YohoMobile’s eSIM currently only works in around 40 countries in Europe and Asia. This is far less than the availability of physical SIM cards. If you travel frequently, the eSIM may not work in all the places you visit.

  • Fewer plan options – With the eSIM, you are limited to YohoMobile’s prepaid data plans. You don’t have the option to use other providers’ SIM cards and plans. The prepaid plans may not offer as much data or as low rates as some other SIM card options when traveling.

  • Can’t transfer plans – If you have an existing prepaid or monthly plan on a physical SIM, you can’t transfer it over to the eSIM. You have to sign up for a separate prepaid data plan for the eSIM.

So while the eSIM offers convenience, it does limit your options compared to swapping out physical SIM cards. The coverage and plan restrictions may be dealbreakers for some frequent travelers.

More YohoMobile eSIM prices:


1 GB, 30 days: €4.54

Unlimited, 7 days: €30.89

Get it here

1 GB, 7 days: €2.99

Unlimited, 30 days: €23.60

Get it here
United States

1 GB, 30 days: €4.54

10 GB, 30 days: €29.00

Get it here


YohoMobile’s eSIM offers consumers a convenient and flexible way to stay connected while traveling abroad or across multiple countries. By letting you activate service through an eSIM profile rather than swapping out physical SIM cards, it provides seamless connectivity across borders and carriers.

Overall, YohoMobile’s eSIM plans provide affordable data packages well-suited for international travelers who need basic data access on the go. The eSIM works smoothly across a wide range of destinations, with some geographic limitations to coverage. Support services could be improved, but seem adequate for self-service eSIM activation and management.

For globetrotters seeking an easy way to access data internationally without juggling multiple SIM cards, YohoMobile provides a solid eSIM solution. While it may not be the cheapest option, the convenience and network coverage make it a worthwhile choice. With a user-friendly app and dashboard, YohoMobile makes eSIM adoption straightforward, even for less tech-savvy travelers.

In summary, YohoMobile’s eSIM offers a capable and convenient solution for connectivity across Europe and other popular travel destinations. For those needing international roaming regularly, it provides flexibility and seamless switching between data plans. While weighing budget and coverage needs, YohoMobile is a recommendable pick for hassle-free mobile data while globetrotting.

Yoho Mobile, a company that offers overseas data communication services through eSIMs. Our mission is to help people stay connected with their loved ones around the world, anytime and anywhere.

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