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Yettel extends travel insurance to cover Covid-19

Yettel Bulgaria is expanding the coverage of “Smart Tourist” travel insurance abroad and it will now include coverage in case of contagious disease, including COVID-19. Thus, the private clients of the operator traveling abroad can provide for themselves and their companions help even in need of emergency medical services in case of coronavirus disease, in addition to the previous insurance coverage included in “Smart Tourist”. bulgaria travel insurance

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The extended coverage is without further increase of the insurance premium.

Yettel customers can easily activate Smart Tourist insurance in the app or in the operator’s designated stores. The activation of the insurance is one-time and without a monthly fee, as the clients pay a premium only for the days spent abroad with activated coverage, up to a maximum of 31 consecutive days for each trip. The insurance coverage starts automatically when the customer’s mobile number is detected while roaming, and is valid for an unlimited number of future trips. The customer has 4 hours in which he can choose to refuse the coverage under the insurance for the specific trip, or to insure up to 10 passengers for the specific trip, easily managing the service through the Yettel mobile application.

The premium is paid after the end of the trip, and the amount is credited to the next monthly mobile service bill of the subscriber who took out the insurance, which Yettel reminds him every time via SMS and in the app.

Smart Tourist Travel Insurance includes 24/7 insurance event assistance and covers a variety of risks, including emergency medical expenses, emergency dental care, travel delays, loss of personal belongings and luggage, and temporary replacement costs. in case of loss of personal documents. A deductible of BGN 50 is applied for some of the coverages. bulgaria travel insurance


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