Yettel Hungary expands eSim to all customers

Fewer roamers, more total roaming traffic and international calls, Yettel reports

After medium and large corporate customers, the virtual SIM card is now available to Yettel’s retail and small business customers. With the help of eSIM, the plastic waste associated with classic SIM cards can be completely eliminated in the long run, making mobile use more convenient, and other devices can also have direct mobile Internet access – now with a new retail tariff designed specifically for smartwatches. yettel esim


The features of the new generation eSIM go beyond the capabilities of classic SIM cards. Many of the benefits include the ability to avoid the inconvenience of moving and injuring the physical card, simplifying device switching, and the SIM profile can be easily moved using a QR code. ESIM cannot be removed from the phone even if it is stolen, so its exact location can be traced. Another benefit is that it reduces the use of plastics and generates less electronic waste.

ESIM is actually a chip integrated into the device that eliminates the need to insert a standard SIM card. Provider parameters can be downloaded to eSIM using an activation (QR) code, usually through the device settings, which only requires an active internet connection. This makes it easy to use eSIM-enabled devices — smartphones and smartphones like smartphones — in addition to mobile phones and tablets. ESIM can also provide direct mobile Internet access to many devices that do not have a traditional SIM slot — most smartphones and accessories are already capable of embedding a physical SIM.

At Yettel, eSIM is now available with all voice and mobile internet tariff plans and can be requested free of charge for new subscriptions and the replacement of an existing physical SIM card.

The service provider is also introducing a new residential tariff for eSIM-enabled smartwatches. With the Yettel Smartwatch tariff , customers can stay connected online without a smartphone, for example, making and receiving calls and listening to music on their smartwatch. The tariff package currently available for Samsung smartwatches includes a 1 GB data frame and can be purchased without loyalty with the e-Comfort package for a gross monthly fee of HUF 990, and the minute fee for calls to the domestic and roaming zone 1 and the SMS fee are HUF 40.

Fewer roamers, more total roaming traffic and international calls

As expected, the mobile internet and voice call traffic of roaming customers has increased significantly in Ukraine. The number of international calls made and SMS messages sent from Hungary to Ukraine has also significantly grown. In Russia, the length and number of roaming calls have been on the rise, while the number of international calls made and SMS messages sent on Yettel’s network have also increased substantially.

Since the war started, about two in three Yettel customers roaming in Ukraine have left the country. The number of Yettel customers roaming in Russia declined by 25% in this period. The total roaming traffic generated by customers still staying in the region, however, has exceeded the previous weeks´ level both for mobile internet and voice calls. The number of international calls and SMS messages initiated in Hungary to Ukrainian and Russian networks has been rising significantly.

Ukrainian data yettel esim

The number of Yettel customers roaming in Ukraine has dropped to one third since the war started (24 February 2022). The most probable reason is the high number of people leaving the country in this period. Despite the declining number of users, the number of roaming calls was up by 40% over the pre-war period which reflects a more than fourfold increase in the number of calls per user. The number of voice minutes per day on average rose threefold which reflects a significant increase in the length of calls made by customers still using roaming services in Ukraine. The number of roaming SMS messages declined in the network which indicates that people prefer making calls to texting in this uneasy situation. Roaming data traffic roughly increased by 50% in Ukraine.

Based on the number of international voice calls, that is, calls initiated from Hungary to Ukrainian phone numbers, Yettel customers seem to have initiated nine times as many calls last week as during previous weeks in February. The length of calls increased significantly, eightfold on average, compared to earlier in February, while the number of SMS messages sent from Hungary to Ukrainian phone numbers rose threefold over previous weeks.

Russia: higher voice and SMS roaming traffic yettel esim

The number of Yettel customers using roaming services in Russia declined by 25% since the war started. The users still staying in the region generated 60% more call minutes on average  than during previous weeks in February, while their number of received voice calls was about 50% higher than before.

The number of international calls made from Hungary to Russia was also on the rise. The number of call minutes was 60% higher, while the number of calls was over 50% more than before, and calls were also longer. The number of SMS messages sent from Hungary to Russia increased 2.5-fold over the pre-war period.

In response to the situation, Yettel Hungary foregoes the data, voice and SMS roaming charges of its consumers and business customers based in Ukraine from 24 February (until withdrawal). It will also forego the charges of international calls made by its consumers and business customers from Hungary to base-rate phone numbers in Ukraine (until withdrawal). Customers can request the cancellation of relevant call charges at 1220 or +36-20/200-0000 (from abroad), in Yettel shops or at the website selecting the “Inquiries and information requests” section. yettel esim

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