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Yealink MeetingBar

Yealink Powers Modern Meeting Spaces with its Easy-to-use Video Conferencing Solutions

Yealink, a leading global unified communications (UC) solution provider, is redefining the future of meetings with its recently updated MeetingBar A20 and A30. Featuring enhanced audio and video capabilities powered by AI, Yealink MeetingBar directly addresses the pain points that organizations are facing as they transition into a hybrid work environment in the post-pandemic era.

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Hybrid work is fast becoming the new normal for workplaces as employees return to the office. As more teams split their time between the office and home, companies have embraced huddle rooms and video conferencing technology to stay connected and foster collaboration. In 2020, the total number of VC hardware units sold topped 2.8 million, a 40% increase over 2019. Despite this, many workplaces are using outdated equipment that is clunky, difficult to set up, and delivers subpar video and audio quality — which, in turn, can diminish efficiency and damage the corporate image.

“Enabling fluid communications and maintaining professionalism is paramount for organizations seeking to thrive in the hybrid work world. At Yealink, we continuously upgrade our products to create value in network communications and shape the workplaces of tomorrow. With the latest updates, MeetingBar provides a seamless video conferencing experience for huddle rooms and small-to-medium meeting spaces,” said Alvin Liao, Vice President of Product at Yealink.

MeetingBar A20 and A30: Harnessing AI to enable seamless and productive meetings

MeetingBar enables near face-to-face collaboration through video conferencing solutions, in order to facilitate engaging conversations and improve employee productivity in the hybrid work world. With the latest firmware V21 update, the video bar builds upon its already successful all-in-one system with innovative video features powered by AI.

These features include:

  • Auto Framing, which automatically recognizes the number and the positions of attendees and frames everyone smoothly in the most appropriate view, even in small spaces.
  • Speaker Tracking that frames the presenter in a real-time close-up, bringing a vivid face-to-face meeting experience and ensuring attendees are well-engaged.
  • Picture-in-Picture, which tracks and frames the speaker in an individual window, enabling users to keep an eye on who is talking, even if the speaker is seated at a distance in a medium room.
  • Multi-Focus Framing mode that not only recognizes all attendees and frames each participant, but also turns equal multi-people windows into a recombined meeting view to remove background disturbances.

Never miss a beat with AI-based audio yealink meetingbar

On top of creating a near face-to-face video conferencing experience, Yealink’s AI-based noise-proof technology ensures participants can hear and be heard at all times. Leveraging a massive deep learning sound database, MeetingBar uses intelligent audio analysis to smartly pare back background noises, from distracting typing on keyboards and mouse clicks to footsteps and other ambient sounds.

Sustainable and flexible solutions for collaboration spaces and modern workplaces

Whether it’s a small collaboration hub or a medium-sized meeting room, MeetingBar has the right option to deliver an immersive video conferencing experience.

MeetingBar A20 is equipped with a 20MP sensor, 133° field of view, and market leading Android video bar camera for an ultra-clear ultra-wide view in smaller spaces. In medium-sized rooms, MeetingBar A30’s dual-camera system delivers a visual depth that cannot be achieved with a single camera.

MeetingBar also fully integrates with other meeting experience technologies, including a human motion sensor that activates meeting rooms, CTP18 touch console for easy meeting controls, WPP20 wireless sharing and dual-screen support. With the compatible USB BYOD solution, Yealink RoomPanel scheduling solution, and the extended microphone solution, customers can explore more possibilities with the MeetingBar from one single provider for the hybrid workplace.

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