Yallo launches Fat Plus – the new roaming subscription


Yallo launches a new roaming subscription today: “Fat Plus” costs CHF 78.- per month and includes: 

– Unlimited minutes within Switzerland 
– Unlimited SMS within Switzerland and abroad 
– Unlimited data volume 
– 100 call minutes from Switzerland to the EU 


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For Roaming within the EU, USA and Canada it contains: 
– 3 GB data volume 
– 300 minutes of calling – unlimited SMS 

Also for the new subscription there is no minimum contract period (60 days notice period).


«Fat Plus» replaces the previous «Fat»

The new “Fat Plus” replaces the previous Fat, which is now no longer available for new customers. “Fat” cost CHF 58 at the normal price (often available as a promo for CHF 29.-) and, in addition to unlimited use within Switzerland, included 60 minutes of call from Switzerland to the EU and 200 MB of roaming data volume. 
The new “Fat Plus” costs CHF 20.- more (CHF 10.- with the often 50% -promos), but includes more roaming performance. If you do not need roaming or only rarely, you can travel cheaper with the yallo “Swiss Flat”. This costs (as previously the “fat”) CHF 58.- or promos CHF 29.-.


“Fat Plus” at the introductory price

The new “Fat Plus” is until 25.8. available at the introductory price of CHF 39.- instead of 78.-. The reduced price is valid as long as the subscription is kept. 

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