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xiaomi mi router

New Xiaomi Router with SIM Card Support is coming

The VP of Xiaomi Ecological Chain, Tang Mu, made public a few images of its upcoming WiFi router: Xiaomi Mi Router.

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A close glimpse of the router reveals a few of its key specifications. First and foremost, Xiaomi is still sticking to its white colored shell. The new router will have two LAN ports. Unfortunately, the image doesn’t show the WAN port, but the router is likely to just have a single WAN port. One of the highlight features of this router is that it has a SIM card slot. This means that the router will have its special built-in modem. While we would love to see 5G support through a SIM card on this router, the chances of that happening are fairly bleak.

The Xiaomi MIrouter 4C as revealed from the images has four external omnidirectional high-gain antennas with a signal gain of 5dB. According to the source, the router is equipped with 64MB of memory and has more stable data transmission than other Xiaomi routers. In laymen’s terms, the router will be able to distribute a stable signal to a number of connected devices. The Xiaomi 4C router is allegedly able to connect to up to 64 devices. Xiaomi Mi Router

As for the specifications of the new Mi Router, we can only tell you that it sports two LAN ports and a clearly labeled SIM card slot – although it doesn’t say anything about the supported network. While it is pretty clear that the router should support 4G LTE connections, 5G connectivity remains a possibility given that other Xiaomi executives are boasting images from 5G trials on social media. It would also make sense considering this will be the 5th generation of Mi Router.

We can also see at least three antennae, although there is a possibility of more which might not be visible in the image. The Wi-Fi router has a design language similar to the Mi Router 4C, which can be called one of the best-selling Wi-Fi routers made by Xiaomi.

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