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Xiaomi partners with Telna to broaden Mi Roaming coverage

Telna, a global provider of end-to-end connectivity solutions, and Xiaomi, a global electronics company, announced their partnership to provide expanded international roaming coverage through the Mi Roaming virtual SIM platform. Xiaomi Roaming card

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Launching first to over 100 million users from mainland China, the new, broadened coverage will be available on all current Xiaomi smartphone models, enabling access to affordable, seamless, 4G LTE 3G data roaming in more international destinations including in Europe and North America.

This partnership is another step in our constant effort to deliver the best possible experience to our Mi fans worldwide,” stated the Xiaomi Roaming team.

From a company with a truly fan-focused mantra, the Mi Roaming app is one of the value-added solutions offered by Xiaomi. It enables users to connect to roaming data on-demand via virtual SIM technology. Users benefit from a seamless, device-integrated experience and truly affordable unlimited data rates.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Xiaomi—an industry leader in consumer technology,” said Gregory Gundelfinger, Telna CEO. “Our global decentralized network has local data breakouts wherever the Xiaomi user is traveling, providing a local data experience with lower latency and faster LTE data speeds. It’s a superior experience to any other network technology available and a breakthrough in data roaming technology. We are excited to introduce this technology experience to Xiaomi customers.”

Telna is a US-based GSMA member operating its own mobile network infrastructure. With over 18 network partners and 300+ bilateral agreements, Telna has direct access to 2,000+ top tier networks worldwide. Combined with its proprietary software-defined-network technology and Multi-IMSI platform, Telna is uniquely positioned to provide access to multiple top-tier networks per country/region, thereby offering increased redundancy, coverage, and reliability to the end-user.
KnowRoaming has bought US-based mobile network services company Telna which has 220 direct roaming agreements, now available to KnowRoaming. Xiaomi Roaming card


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