Would you buy a chocolate and gold iPhone 15 Pro Max?

It can be eaten and costs 1,000 euros

Caviar showcased the iPhone 15 Pro Max made from natural chocolate coated with 23-karat edible gold. The sweet device comes with a price tag of €1000, almost comparable to the price of the version with 256 GB of RAM. Caviar, a Dubai luxury brand specializing in customizing Apple and Samsung gadgets, drew inspiration from the upcoming 2023 movie “Wonka” with Timothy Chalamet to create a chocolate version of the most coveted mobile device of the year—the iPhone 15 Pro Max. chocolate and gold iPhone 15 Pro Max

Featuring a unique design crafted from exquisite chocolate and edible 23-karat gold, the phone boasts a balanced flavor of almond cookies with a subtle creamy tang. Every detail of this phone is a work of art. The edible gold, known as additive E175, is non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and neutral, meaning it does not engage in chemical reactions, alter blood composition, or affect digestion.

Now about the flavor of the phone, in general, those interested can find out that it matches notes of almond cookies with a creamy touch, has 68% cocoa in its composition, and gives you a spicy “after tasting” for about 30 seconds.

Those interested in buying an iPhone 15 Pro Max to eat will have to pay 1,000 euros – around 1,100 dollars.

“We wanted to create a festive atmosphere in anticipation of the New Year. Just imagine—you’re giving someone an iPhone, and it turns out to be chocolate. Then you pull out the exact same one, but real, in Caviar’s design,” commented Ana Al Hosani, Caviar PR Department.

Willy Wonka Timothy Chalamet iphone 15

Willy Wonka, the eccentric chocolatier from the British novel ’Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,’ gained cult status with its film adaptation in 1971. In December 2023, a solo project about Wonka is set to be released, sparking a trend in sweets. Cartier, Xbox, and other brands are creating chocolate-themed products, while global celebrities showcase candy-shaped jewelry on red carpets. chocolate and gold iPhone 15 Pro Max

For those desiring a genuine iPhone 15 Pro Max in such a design but made from other premium materials—18-karat gold and 39 diamonds, or its variations with a body of silver, natural leather, carbon, or even meteorite—Caviar has established the Bespoke Atelier. It is a special section on the website where individuals can order a personalized phone design.

In Bespoke Atelier, one can choose customization options, design styles, and materials, including chocolate.


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